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August 26, 2014 / alghaumon

… never spurned

“Social”, the “neologism” of HOW “we” have proceeded to dismantle BEING HUMAN.

When those of “us”, that use the ‘TOOLING’ of “Facebook” and, its ILK, the ability of treating one another as VALUABLE and EQUAL the instantaneous “THIMBLERIG” / ( of “connection” IS PROVEN IFFY.

Especially when the connection isn’t “FACE-to-FACE”.



The book’s “face” said

‘ Prince Charming

who offered (a) “NEVERLAND”

across “the pond” he traveled

a courier for her hand

Three decades of more “substance”

though only by ‘spring’s Pa

when no more trashings flourish

the proverbial ‘Raven’s CAW

This tale is just in “building”

the players’ roles find turns

the “teller” has NO WORRIES

to “GIFT” is never SPURNED

July 1, 2014 / alghaumon



how “like’ the ‘change’
that HATE would grow
then take THREE MORE^
the who won’t matter
while it burns
but it can’t last
if ALL would spurn
the nature of this beast
since our ‘begining’
HATE’S goal
none blessed
though written tells
that this won’t last
the question for US
can “we” LIVE PAST

June 14, 2014 / alghaumon

Dark Truth, Dark Times… and Repeat

The ‘generation currently beginning “parenthood, “here in ‘America'”, is comparable to the Gentry that came to this country to subjugate the originating inhabitants. That, by written record, would be the “NOSE thrust toward stratosphere and, the disdain of ‘one’ NOT THEIR EQUAL being better equipped MENTALLY, Physically and, ( MOST OFTEN.), Spiritually”. More times than not the THEFT of the population was the Red Herring for the obscondment of NATURAL RESOURCES.

It seems to be a back and “Force” affair of FINANCIAL “NEED” for those that generate some sort of “enter-prize”.

The following is a “found*” that makes the QUERY  of things happening in this time period of World history. The events, ambitions and prides that have triggered the INSANITIES occurring like THREE-HUNDRED SIXTY degrees of the INFINITY symbol set within a sphere. The loop doesn’t change… and, NEITHER has the focal point.

The rudeness, combined with a finite OBTUSE “grasp” is but ONE reason that this nation has withdrawn from the ‘lead’ in too many PRODUCTIVE categories that make “LIVING” within the geographical borders “of”  the CHOICE of one’s life-time. The “worse” part is that conditions that often prove a benefit  are wasted for “PROFIT”, instead of good customerial treatment and enhancement(s).

As this Nation is being ‘led’ by one “OF COLOUR” it is interesting that the following hadn’t been brought to the fore until now. ΩA simple sculpture placed in an “obscure” location, having the prose of one that may be a relative of those written about…


Lemn Sissay

Poet.  Born near Wigan of Ethiopean parentage. Appointed MBE in 2010.




The artwork is the result of a collaboration between sculptor Michael Visocchi and poet Lemn Sissay. Extracts from Lemn Sissay’s poem, ‘Gilt of Cain’, are engraved into the granite. The poem skilfully weaves the coded language of the City’s stock exchange trading floor with biblical Old Testament references.

The Gilt of Cain
By Lemn Sissay, 2007

Here is the ask price on the closed position,
history is no inherent acquisition
for here the Technical Correction upon the act,
a merger of truth and in actual fact
on the spot, on the money – the spread.
The dealer lied when the dealer said
the bull was charging the bear was dead,
the market must calculate per capita, not head.

And great traders acting in concert, arms rise
as the actuals frought on the sea of franchise
thrown overboard into the exchange to drown
in distressed brokers disconsolate frown.
In Accounting liquidity is a mounting morbidity
but raising the arms with such rigid rapidity…
Oh the reaping the raping rapacious fluidity.
the violence the vicious and vexed volatility.

The roaring trade floor rises above crashing waves:
the traders buy ships, beneath the slaves.
Sway machete back, sway machete again
cut back the Sugar Rush, Cain.
The whipsaw it’s all and the whip saw it all
The rising market and the cargo fall
Who’ll enter “Jerusalem” make the margin call for Abel?
Who will kick over the stall and turn the table?

Cain gathers cane as gilt-gift to his land
But whose sword of truth shall not sleep in hand?
Who shall unlock the stocks and share?
Break the bond the bind unbound – lay bare
The Truth. Cash flow runs deep but spirit deeper
You ask Am I my brothers keeper?
I answer by nature by spirit by rightful laws
My name, my brother, Wilberforce


And, it’s happening again… “WITHOUT race” distinction.

June 8, 2014 / alghaumon

… less a target



… “To cut yourself out of stone”,


And, again, a “followed” has instigated a ‘thought’!


what “stone” to
remake self INTO
metamorphic IS “of” change
though the sedimentary
is precipitous in inclusions
igneous is of the “heat”
lost to age and “wisdom”

to type the new self
an inexhaustible shuffle
with too little “time”
left for the practice to perfecting

yet if re chiseled from the existing
though smaller
the makeup IS known
therefore less intrusive
and less a target

May 26, 2014 / alghaumon



This is but the opening “glance”* at some of the issues that I have raised for the past three YEARS. Just because the gub-mint’s “trickle-down” is protecting those that assure “you” that they “DON’T NEED” ‘DEPENDS’,( that the person crouching behind them is “tying their shoe laces” but, can’t explain the roll of “BOUNTY” in their hands…), for the “pressure” of their JOB.

The saddest part of this all is that IF there’d been an “UNANNOUNCED WALK-THROUGH”, when the first mention of this type of diversionary “practice” was brought to the “ATTENTION” the initiators WOULD have had to fold up their “MONTY” Tables. Instead, WE, ( “THE PEOPLE!), have to have OUR ‘needs’ put “ON HOLD” while MORE infractions bellow in the WINDS of GREED across the NATION.


And, YOU “DON’T” want to see the letters TO the White House… Let alone the “ANSWERS”.

Here’s another something that’s being kept by “a” corporation. When you go to a fast food place and order “to go” do so IN STAGES… Make an add-on to the order… CHECK to SEE “if” they’ve taxed any part, ( In Ohio “to-go” isn’t supposed to be taxed. The companies have programmed a “revolving” tax “adjuster”/ charging system that makes NO SENSE to a government entity.), do this with friends on a random group of days/ weeks and then DO THE MATH. The “taxes” collected AREN’T reported, just “absorbed” by the company… of course they have “legal” explanations of  “AN HONEST MISTAKE”.

BUT, they “CAN’T” return that MONEY.

SO, WHERE DO YOU think it goes? (A few years ago the State of Ohio had a tax on take-out Fountain drinks. A few companies “forgot” to remove such from their register programs… for two years. You do the math.)

I’m NOT the brightest… but I AM NOSEY.

Just a little update:


May 1, 2014 / alghaumon

… need to RETRACT

( see: Matthew Henson-Explorer*



Just to why Bennie G. Thompson, (, would resort to the SAME type of tactics seen recently in Nevada and, California i guess that he ‘had’ to bring some derogatory spotlight back to the eastern coastal area.
The PROBLEM of him calling Clarence Thomas the name of a MAN that saw TO the day when Thompson COULD be A Memeber of the UNITED STATES HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES proves just how ABSURD and MIS-EDUCATED “we” ALL are when we throw degrading comments at another. If Thompson had the lineage that Rev. Henson had, ( Matthew Henson, see: Admiral Perry / the “finding” of the NORTH POLE.), he wouldn’t be acting like his relative by “popping off” the “rounds” of political “DOZENS”.
IF ‘YOU’ had strength of “UNCLE TOM”
there’d be no STERLING / BUNDY clause
so like the gentryfing GLOM

the truth of “it” just doesn’t fit
within sound-bite to an ass
until now none knew you of 43
and shown the least in class

skewing history for all to see
ONE reason toward ‘greatest’ fail
to study before decision
keeps stupid from own impales

J Henson saw to YOUR future
HIS legacy STILL intact
knowing truths that HAPPENED
means no need to RETRACT

April 17, 2014 / alghaumon



Forbes Thought Of The Day

“ The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance. ”

— Samuel Butler


would come into BEING? To be present, (Condolences to their “initiate”.), when the TRUTH becomes the ‘MASS’ they’d predicted.


... Just HAD to PROVE the POINT.

… Just HAD to PROVE the POINT.



lo behold truth unfold
“it is so” POLIT- ‘Hoe’
be afraid void the staid
skirt the fuss DEATH PANEL= “US”


The WORST of this IS that the INITIAL STORY came from “ACROSS THE POND”…