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April 21, 2008 / alghaumon


not fictional anymore.The headline sprawled the thought that the ‘U.S. and Iran are finding a common ground in the “SHIITE” conflict’. ( Int’l. Herald Tribune/4-21-08).

Intimating that SADR has risen to a power that threatens the’ OPECian’ oil priced OH-MAH-GAWDnesses, as well as the U.S. ” Rockefeller RUSE Re- covery Plan”, most professional reporters aren’t looking at their histories, much, anymore. And refuse to correlate anything else.

As has been past noted we here, in my HOME, BIRTH COUNTRY, want the good things that we once enjoyed, to our, and possibly, the WORLD’S downfall as PEOPLE. We don’t see the feint within a feint within the feint that Frank Herbert spelled us witin the books of DUNE. An ‘UUUBER’ powerful, under thoughtful government that has lost track of a Desert (planet’s) ability to change life, and LIVES, from its rock cloistered warrens in its mountains by a, one time rich, leader now forced back to his primal basics. The intrigues of that government having to joust with an education of hyper nascent abilities coupled to a faith older than that government itself, STILL, makes for a good read. After a few years of causing an intended global panic he goes off into the mountains and hides in plain sight, letting havoc grow through those he has trained, taking up the “ISHMAEL-IAN” howls of injustice invoked by ‘history’. This man hid in plain sight simply by walking between the echoes of those howls.Howler\'s seitch.

The interesting thing is that I’m seeing this story as a live global performance. And looking around to see who is taking full, and proper, notes… I see FEW brows KNITTED through vigilant concentration.
And the ‘SPICE’ price is, no longer, set on STUN!

OH, by the way, the protagonist, (Paul Atreides.) his adoptive name was USAL, (the BASE of a PILLAR.), “THE Grand MAH-DI”. His main general was STILGAR… kinda rhymes with SADR. No? In reading the points that are voiced one has to wonder the who’s, as well as the how for these intense and intimate tether pullings. What are they being coupled with, and to? The current food shortages seem to be in very close proximity to genetically altered seeds, as well as tinged by the angelic manipulations of the HAARP. I’m stumped so far, but I will continue to look under every inconvenient rock that I am able to.

As far as I’m concerned the best thing for my part in this event is to come back home, fix and clean my house, yard, block, neighborhood, city, county, state, region, AND NATION. THEN, when they notice that the SILENCE of PEACE is whispering to the other three corners they, too, may learn to bark less and wag more. The path of all living



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