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April 22, 2008 / alghaumon

Why ‘Uncle Sam’

A New York farmer made his place in history during the war of 1812. No one knows why each fresh butchered barrel of beef had the curious U.S. marking on the side of the copious shipments to the soldier’s camps, but there was no doubt of its quality. Friendly jibes were made to the cattleman’s proficient prowess providing packaged provisions. The war was too soon after the fight for independence so anyone who could provide for our ‘Peace Keepers’ had a ton of respect. As the war evolved so did Samuel Wilson’s admirations and thanks for his contributions, plus a bit of legend.

‘Uncle Sam’ Wilson had made sure that his government contracts were filled and correct, this made him a symbol of what the ‘American’ work ethic was to be modeled after, good service for what was paid for. A SYMBOL like that hadThe troy,ny farmer to be immortalized, or at least made into a cartoon.Thus the famous ink-slinger Thomas Nast, ( no relation to Conde’.), made most of the first of his talents of pencils, pens and inks thus giving us our personification of what a proper business mode should strive to be. (LOOK at any business today and TRY to put ONE President… or C.E.O. in THIS category!). Dick Cheney or Prescott Bush anyone!?! ( ‘Brother’ Ali made a song for these two’s tryout.) As time catches up to us all Samuel Wilson left our presence A.D. 1854 and is buried in his home state of New York.

As every legend worth its salt, OUR ‘Uncle Sam’ comes to us in simple, unassuming reignment, and was so captured by J. M. Flagg with his pencils, pens and inks. a hint of self imagery, ( for posterity.). WWI veteran Walter Botts threw down the IMMORTAL POSE, and “ol’ git ‘er done(!) Samuel Wilson becomes an INTERNATIONAL ICON for just doing his JOB the best way for all who asked.



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