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April 23, 2008 / alghaumon

A Few Steps Into a ‘DARK’ Past

“…My oh my oh ,what a wonder-full day”. Do you recognize the words? They were sung by “Ol’ Uncle Remus” Lessons forgotten with age. in the, now unavailable, Disney Studios movie ‘SONG OF THE SOUTH’. The times, they’ve been a changin’.(?)

Today is one such wonder filled day, as in, the campaign event perpetrated by the grand ol’ party down in Selma, Alabama at the Edmund Pettus Bridge by Presumptive Presidential candidate, The, ( “aunahraubull”), Republican Senator John McCain of the state of Arizona was retracing familiar steps, (In the hopes the that MLK “thing” has been forgotten!), seeking to attract “THE BLACK VOTE” during the comming national elections. Mr. McCain strode the span of a federally funded roadway named for a Confederate Brigadier General, this same span that was included in the route taken by Civil Rights Marchers on their mission to Montgomery, Alabama Sunday, March 7, 1965. McCain did have a group strolling with him, as I would think that he took every moment he could, to get his campaign video-graphic collage in order. (History like this is great filler for a PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY!)

The McCain entourage didn’t sport much of a SEPIA-TONE for the many photo-ops taken, and the Democratic Party representative wasn’t able to get to a tanning salon for help. One personage that may have helped would have been John Lewis to represent those who Mr. McCain was seeking. John Lewis was the FIRST marcher attacked by Police that Sunday, the first vicious baton QUITE familiar with the Edmund Pettus Bridge!blow was placed in the stomach, doubled over the officer then “Ty Cobbed” him with his weapon to etch a permanent remembrance in, now, Democratic Rep. Lewis’ skull. Described as PATRIOTS who brought no weaponry of any type, except the belief in America, its promises and it to become a better place for non-white Americans is how McCain described the marchers.

John McCain spoke to an audience that was only one-fifth the size of the group that crossed on that fateful Sunday. Of the one- hundred, or so, attendees fewer than a dozen people of color dared to return to the forty-three year old “Stomping Ground”.

McCain will lead the ‘Pachyderm Pride’ to the town of Gee’s Bend where the hope is that he’ll pay full price for the rare, custom, hand-woven quilts famous for the region. I doubt that he will, or can, given his campaign fund situation. In going to the places that this ‘candidate’ is I wonder if Senator John Sidney McCain III feels the same urge and trepidations as those who he is trying to lure back to the ‘PACHYDERM’ PLANTATION COALITION’ …43, tough, years ago?… AND NOW.

Has anyone taken time to pose the question of John Sidney McCain III becoming our Commander-In-Chief to John Lewis? Both men suffered at the hands of hate filled, angry men. The question is can John McCain choose to let in the light of HEALING? Will the American electorate allow him?



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