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May 26, 2008 / alghaumon


Are we now at the moment, where another man of color seeking to make a CHANGE for the better of this NATION, is CALMLY accepting the role of MARTYR? Have we ignored the many telltale signs of the NEW WORLD ORDER endgame gambit? Here is the “NUCULAR” thought that has crossed this tiny mind and was enhanced by Bush’s :”Guidelines” to Postpone the 2004 Presidential Elections, by Michel Chossudovsky. (,(!?!). An interesting find to the ‘GOOGLED’ query of :’ Can the Presidential elections be suspended in the U.S.? There were 710, 000 answers listed. (SURE… we’re in control of our rights and freedoms! {FREE-DUMBS}).

Haven’t any ONE of YOU wondered how ‘FAUX’/FOX News pundints have gotten away with their incessant mis- pronouncements of a non European name? Which has definitely led to the Liz Trotta gaff… To say the least,it’s no wonder that there were 1,710,000 hits.Liz Trotta

As intimated to in the article: How Can a 232 year Old Country Know It ALL?, there was mention of the three generations of the dismantling of what we call DEMOCRACY here, led from Prescott Bush to grandson George W Bush. Prescott was to become a Senator after attempting a coup against Roosevelt in 1933, Prescott S. Bush: Fascist Ties.

Now we come to the meat of this ‘scribble’. With all the rants of how much better this nation is than others I wonder if we, as a group, are able to put our HEARTS and HEADS TOGETHER to make it that much BETTER? IS it POSSIBLE that we might stop to gather our bearings and seriously look at the CONDITIONS of PASSAGE that are to be imposed upon us during the road trip called the election process? For EIGHT YEARS we’ve seen nothing but the EROSION of what those who we should THANK DAILY have left us TO STEWARD. So after these 232 years of only one “type” of ‘man’ guiding the nation we’ve come at last to the real choises that represent the true fabrics of AMERICA. Since the main crux of this is about the Presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama this is my thought…

IMAGINE, IF YOU WILL, that a person has been GROOMED to climb the ladder of successes that lead all the way to being chosen as the most accepted and qualified person to PRESIDE over the BUSINESS of a group of people conducting their LIVES. In a SAFE, PROTECTED, FREE and ORDERLY manner that allows them to ENJOY their individual pursuits ,of their personally constructed HAPPINESSES. Since this person is to preside FOR THE PEOPLE who are all the the myriad of lengths, widths, shades, hues, sounds and IDEAS that are generated, when their mixing is placed in ONE POT there must be a CHEF that has an understanding of each UNIQUE INGREDIENT. And a staff of STEWARDS/ASSISTANTS to gather,then distribute properly. This person has some of those combinations and has lived in a few of the more savory locales. As times growths have added some of the proper facets to him he has been placed into some of the better easements to get to the new places. Now,as the opportunities have now aligned themselves to graft themselves to the achievement of being CHOSEN, to FILL the position. There are those who would have a constrictive path for these people so they set motions in order that make the nation lose most of their senses. Listening is by accepted meaning instead of the full color of thought. The sense of touch is quick and not too sure. The act of CARING is shallow enough that an ELEPHANT now WALKS ON WATER. And all the while the ‘CONSTRICTIONISTS’ are having their minions call for a “TERMINAL OUSTER”, either before or after the “groomed one” achieves the post. They have pre-made containment centers in place. They have gotten the people used to the gleaned tactics of the old “enemy” Russia, where children were indoctrinated to spy then report a guardians freedoms as the breaking of ‘LAW’.They even scoff at the MAGNA CARTA’S rule of an individual’s rights. NOW IMAGINE that even after this person’s “PROTECTIONS” were guaranteed that the ‘constrictionists’ told his protectors to “STAND DOWN” in the face of his peril… AND he KNOWS THIS FACT. Can he be so accepting of this “possible” fate for the world? Is he so bound to fate that he’d plunge billions of people into a HELL not his making? Is DEION to write about Barack, Martin and Red? Are the others who share similar offices next to Mr. Obama going to remain silent on their pretty PORCHES, fan themselves and utter “my, my, my, AH tole he not tuh upset Massah wid awl dat DRINKIN’ GOURD stuff”. Or are they going to remember…Strange Fruit!


I, NOW, assume that with this post I, TOO, have been to the mountaintop.



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  1. ravenscawl / May 27 2008 4:07 am

    The sad thing is this could happen!!

  2. Dixie Copeland / Jun 6 2008 8:29 pm

    I have another view I’d like to share.

    There was a photo, maybe a couple of photos, where Senator John MCCain is seen crying, extremely emotional, and hugging the current ad-hawker we know as lil bushie.

    LB is obviously impressed by the tears and hugs, but seems to hold those cards close to his chest… not his heart; I did not say that. I can almost hear him whisper to the newbie waiter, “Lo-ward, get a grip on yurself man; we’re in public.”

    If you were a party man, (what party?) and needed someone to being the entertainment to the sand box… why not get a guy that is a lose cannon; problem solved. Just give him the call sign: swimming pool; listed as #17 under the white paper: “Operation Water Park”… a research/development initiative program. Halliburton has secured the contract.

  3. Dixie Copeland / Jun 6 2008 8:39 pm

    I have a second view and it is strong too; this party has a lot of people “protecting” (?) their scope. I’ll try to get this right but its still shaky…too many sick clouds today. Their tweaking is stronger than yesterday.

    If there is any way for Al-lo-wishus Gorius to be veep, then the mountain will surely send obAMa down.

    h-AAL-o is already by virtue of bloodline and secretocracy (ha-ha they say)… a double crown, all he needs is the prez award… o-w-o… not new…not the n-w-o but has been waiting to continued full power… again, again, again. Thank you for allowing me to post twice!


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