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June 4, 2008 / alghaumon


It bothers me, very much, that a community of people ,like those of us who “BLOG”, can talk endlessly about SOMETHING but let the most pressing issues have to be called on by a catastrophic event. These “EVENTS” are generally just a larger extension of that which has been going on for some time, as in DECADES! We’ve all been in editorial contact with the ways of GOVERNMENT/CORPORATE manipulations of OUR everyday lives yet “we” still shrug shoulders, look at one another and LIE that we CAN’T DO ANYTHING about it. OFFAL… FROM anything that eats, OFFAL! Awful/AW-FILLED responses, reactions and MOST of all REPERCUSSIONS for our lacking the ENERGIES to make the small significant steps to the SACRED BENEFITING(S) of ALL.

Yes, we all have something to say about what parts of the world(s) we live in. But aren’t we, also, an INTEGRAL, and needed, part of the larger ‘ENTITY’ that has need of CARE? There are many/MANY folks with much swifter minds than me trying to bring a SANE, workable group of ways to ease these symptoms, and how we’ve allowed their transmittance’s to continue to make us SICKER, so WHY do we not see a difference?

On the fifteenth of last month BLOGGERS ‘UNITED’ in a concerted effort for the PEOPLES of BURMA, in the wake of their cyclone devastation, drew upon several thousand synapses and fingers to show SOMEBODY that SOMEONE CARED. WHO read these, besides our SELVES? Include that with DARFUR, and South Africa, and China, AND… WE WRITE . WHY do we write, then just write MORE the NEXT day, instead of GETTING out from the air-conditioning? Are we afraid that it may take some PHYSICAL EFFORT that will show the world that we have become JABA-like in our appearances? Are we self-secured in that boldness that our ‘MATRIX’-like endeavours are “GOING TO WORK”… eventually? Who of us has the courage, in this “TIME OF THE FARM”, will try to withstand the gates at ‘451’ without their AVATAR’S ARMOURIES? I posed a short, ‘JEOPARDY’-like query in the post:’ An OPEN OPPORTUNITY’,( my weblog:thnq), just before the event of BLOGGERS UNITE and in my participating I was happy, at the time. SADLY there have been NO RESPONSES, yet, and it DID offer another arena for interactions of an interweaving of the many bright writers to lend a brainwave to help these “MACHINE’S” correct themselves. DO we want to live the way we are now? DO we want to continue this loss of the RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS happening HERE and AROUND US? WHY!?! Have we been so CONDITIONED that we CAN’T BELIEVE that PEOPLE that are the sons and daughters, ( “grand” and “great”…plus), of some of the WORST CRIMINAL ENACTORS of the WORLD are vying to repeat/complete the subjugation’s of a world? WHY?

You believe the lies that have been circulated for centuries, KNOWING that. You KNOW the WARNINGS from their VICTIMS: Martin Moeller, Anne Frank, Thomas Paine, Namibia, ‘Strange FRUITS’, there are TOO MANY examples to ignore. The offspring of the sick KARL Heinz ROVErer, designer and engineer of BIRKENAU death camp, has led an eight year “amereich” that we have endured through chosen ignorance, WHY?

WHY do we let this non action continue? WHY do we hide behind the Keyboard? WHY do we cover the TRUTH with their OFFALS? I’m ASKING my SELF, have been,… WHY?

Are YOU BRAVE ENOUGH to ask,then ANSWER… the WHY(S)?

There SHOULD BE a picture, or SOME sort of COMPELLING GRAPHIC “WITHIN” this post.(Have you seen the “South park” episode where “Cartman” poses whether digestion of what we eat can be reversed? That is what the WORLD is/ has been doing.) BUT I ask this of the reader, if you are already on the internet and have watched television news or PBS… WHY ? When we begin answering these questions through EFFORTS of ‘ACTION’S EFFORTS’ we WILL be able to move on to more productive events in our LIVES when we ask a WHY?


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  1. Dixie Copeland / Jun 6 2008 4:43 am

    Early morning is when I travel for the warmer months, like now. I just feel better getting out into the sun, a little sun, and not that halographic cloud/ bright white sky sun. I think someone has a bulb that’s going; the poor little clouds were flashing at me by 11 am today! Poor little bulb, its use by deception, but the matrix mon is getting at tweaking it when I speak to the sky. I said I speak to the sky and it hears me. Now think about that. When I tell the sky I want more blue… guess what? What shade you want? I can do it.

    Oops let me answer yor article and get off here.

    Poor people, and I mean, bless the peoples’ hearts of this country. Especially those who love this land and are willing to lay all down, roll up their sleeves and do the habitat thing… you know those people… they love you no matter what. Those people see things and try hard not to hate things. They fight with their soul to keep their head from being bitter and hurt by the crazy continual devastation that has become our US of A.
    They have an action that no one thinks to evoke and thus becomes the secret to their success; quite possibly they do not even realize it but its true. They repent. They do someting that bothers them and go take a walk to talk it off.

    How many people are walking it off in DC? How many DC people even give repentance a shot? Other than shooting it down when they have the power to… think about the Turkey/Kurd deal and the loss of the Armenians. How could Congress be so blazingly cold… again, again, again!? Do I have to believe we are supporting genocide? Oops that was a question for 1968… sorry I’m late on that one!

    So I go for a walk, I look at those clouds and I tell them, “If you don’t rain soon the cloudbuster is going up because you cannot tell me what to do and how to thnq and how to live and how to die. My destiny has been written in those stars above your fake clouds! I ask my higher power to forgive me for not understanding what I am looking at; forgive my frailty in discerning truth from lies and the comfortable position I thnq I’m experienceing. I ask my higher power to tell me which path is safe, and forgive when I step too far left or right. We walk and talk it off.

    Most US of A, my beloved land of free… do not inherit the cage; what makes you thnq the animals we lock away are happy? Why be a bird with beautiful wings if you give up the grace to fly? I say allow that grace to encircle your heart instead of your wings and be brave.

    Do not be so quick to think of life in terms of this president’s reign (!) or that president’s reign. See them connected just and the sky, the bird, repentence and walking it off are connected. It is one enormous good thing and we are ignoring the obvious; we are so busy.

    The earth is tilted and we turn faster and faster; the wheel of time is going so fast, children are grown in 14 years. Now thnq about that. Today I’ll walk and talk and then when I get home I go in my little prayer closet. I will not explain or apologize the kind of christian I am. (Anyway this little box is almost full now.) I go in my prayer closet and I dump the wilted words that I have talked off inside; believing that only my higher power can give them action… direction, connection and love.


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