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June 8, 2008 / alghaumon

On a non-Psychological Note

The tall tales are moving right along. Wasn’t it just three weeks ago that Shell and OPEC were saying,” Gas shortages are psychological.”? But just the same they planned to use the extra profits to buy back stock; should we be glad our psychological problems can be so generous, assisting the companies that “don’t know how to help us?”

Well their change in heart didn’t take long. Now they are absolutely sure that this is not psychological; it is real and even they are upset concerning peak oil supplies running out. I can’t help but wonder, “Who bought you out? Who did you sell your soul to in order to maintain a tall tale?” I’m guessing you don’t think there will be a “day of reckoning” for you as well? So go on… perpetuate your tall tale. Do your piece of the ugly puzzle that you think is concealed. You are hiding from the wind.

There have been times when America has acted foolishly, recklessly, shamefully, yet not all of the citizens were involved. You could say that our actions have been akin to those we brought with us from the European continent, among other continents. It is always the same. Capture a group to make your life richer, and fuller; take out the middle classes and move downward. The unlearned will not know how to spring the trap before them… is that it? Or do you prefer to start with the very top part of citizenry and remove those who might have saved us?

Well don’t worry about the top echelon: their greed, base animal instincts, and pride of life will fall upon them soon enough. Shoot, they might not even be cunning enough to “know” your next steps, even as they helped make the plans… and there are always those plans. (See the article I wrote about Henry Kissinger; a brilliant but scary mind… a tall tale waiting to happen, that one.) Meanwhile here’s the initial “denial”… US psychological problem:

By Karen Noack

LONDON (Reuters) – Oil prices at a record high above $135 a barrel are rising due to market sentiment rather than a shortage of supply, Royal Dutch Shell’s chief executive said on Thursday.

U.S. crude oil hit an all-time peak on Thursday, climbing to $135.09, lifted by concern about long-term supply and a host of predictions of further rises from influential investment banks and investors.

“What we say and what we see is there are no physical shortages,” Shell’s Jeroen van der Veer told Reuters television. He runs the world’s second-largest fully publicly traded oil firm by market value.

“There are no tankers waiting in the Middle East, there are no cars waiting at gasoline stations because they are out of stock. This has to do with psychology in the markets and you cannot forecast psychology”.

His view that there are no shortages chimes in with that of other oil producers, such as members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries; others, such as the U.S. government, say supply is tight.

While rising prices are boosting profit for the industry, the Shell CEO agreed that high oil costs were a mixed blessing.

“For many consumers in the world, this really starts to hit them. Secondly, we see that you get a kind of public outcry.

“At the same time, the only thing that we can do is use the profits we make to invest for additional supplies.”

Here’s a sobering thought: can any of our current problems, psychological or not, be used to suspend the November election? Okay, you can stop laughing now. It was just a question that appeared from nowhere. Because if those machines did some strange counting, deleting, whatever, in 2004…who’s to say your real vote even counts anymore? Believe it or not… that is the biggest reason why people do not vote. Some suspect that their votes can be manipulated. Say it’s not so?

Americans live in one of the biggest countries in the world. They fight, give away money, and build structures, but still get spit upon… by their government and other governments. They are told that the things they do will free others, by officials who reap the gold for tall tales, and reduce and long lines… and reduce hunger. Americas get tall tales and long lines.

You know why there aren’t any long gas lines this time? Americas have had enough lies. They are parking their cars, purchasing scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, and whatever it takes to SUSTAIN their life. Some are moving closer to their jobs with schools for their children to walk or ride a bike. They are saving money so they no longer have to trust government to give them anything including the truth. And they’ll be outside watching the crazy weather that the army owns, along with a few corporations. And then you will begin to see the exodus as they leave. Why? Why this time?

Every generation and every color of people that has come here have been met with adversity. It’s like the land was surely cursed and placed its hand upon each tribe, each color, each language, and every different culture and life that could be influenced to demean another has been used. Those tall tales have become regrettable shame for many. Those long lines have finally streamed into their natural dimensions, and they are long LINES as in string theory. As in music: we hear a single sound, one tone…or do we? If every human made the same sound at the very same time, would it still only be one musical note? Does the timbre of the various voices put us higher? Does it change our destiny? If your voice and my voice are saying: ENOUGH… isn’t it enough that we’re saying it. Is it enough that we would choose to be on the same page, the same bar, the same note? Then how do we finish it?

Ah, but go ahead:

I hear the laughter you no longer hide.

I hope your profits gut you inside.

Until one day when nothing’s learned…

It is your time to feel the burn.

But your tall tales with sweeping rhymes,

won’t change a thing about long lines.

In case I die and you should live.

There’s always something to forgive.

Be the one, who turns around,

Receive the love that I have found.

Take it with you, kill no more,

And hear the sound from shore to shore.




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  1. Allen Taylor / Jun 8 2008 9:34 pm

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. omegetymon / Jun 9 2008 1:52 am

    AAWWW,yellow… with a Magnesium heat.
    Can we ALL CHIME together NOW!?!…om

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque


  1. On a non-Psychological Note


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