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June 9, 2008 / alghaumon


CAN he stand for, NOT ON, the sides that brought him to BEING!?!

ALL \'RHODES\' are OPENThe lines that were drawn are now much “more clear” for the MILLIONS of individual “decision makers’ come this November. The man who’d be “Ptolemy” has encountered a modern setback in the battle led by his ‘BELOVED’. The siege machines have been left across the landscapes and it will take a google of Hercules’ to RE-assemble the ‘Freedoms’, and their associates, back to their youthful, truthful, ( YOUTH-FILLED/TRUTH-FILLED!), glories. “Helios” has been HEARD to call ‘Ma-halo’ to those who’ve been injured in the ma-lay for leadership.

As the city of Rhodes was asked by Antigonus to wage a war that wasn’t right for them, America WENT on a fairytale, the saving graces are that the ‘Instigatquorum’ that’s been plundering the regions is now more known than ever. Hopefully, soon, with the availability of reclaimable materials the ROADS to RECOVERY may find the proper rebuilding materials.

The building process is now at a stage where Colossus needs to have been constructed to withstand the instabilities of an angry earth. Will Colossus have a wide enough stance to straddle, not only, the ‘Great’ Lake, the shorelines of ‘Sea to Shining Sea’? Can the centrality of the ROADS that emanate through an “Asian morning greeting” be rebuilt to forge the necessary plating to sheath him with the appropriate metals AGAINST the coming ONSLAUGHTS, NO matter the WHETHER? Will the DESIGNERS welcome the WOMEN to lend THEIR knowledges, of intricacy’s labors!?! For working the fine lines that NEED TO BE implemented? And NOT crossed! CAN HE BE the AMALGAM of a/THE FUTURE? A CHANGE that won’t destroy its FIRST ESTABLISHED PRINCIPLES? A CHANGE that ALL can EMBRACE?

And, most of all, CAN he take his PLACE, then KEEP it… WITHOUT THE CHAINS OF THOSE WHO SET HIM UPON THIS POTTER’S WHEEL of “GREATNESS”? To BE the great ‘HARBOUR MASTER’ giving “safe haven”, to shelter ONE’S cove when their “SHIP” is on delivery? WHO will answer first, AND BEST?




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