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June 11, 2008 / alghaumon

A Newer Collossus: dcrelief response

“The Newer Colossus”: dcrelief response

On September 11, 2000 lightening struck the World Trade Center; the photo above was considered a very lucky shot at the time and voted as “weather photo of the day”. The photo didn’t draw much interest, as the towers were often struck. The usual by-line included the invincibility, the “Titanic-ness” of their make and model. No words were spared for the plight of employees suffering the effects from asbestos poisoning; somehow they would dissolve into a puff of smoke before long… and take some of those employees with them.

I voted against a newer tower. Instead I’ve chosen to allow the next big thing to be built by a Higher Power that knows from beginning to end what is best. Out of good grace and mercy I beg that the newer colossus be given the information for the rebirthing, the renewing of our minds. Someone WILLING to listen; why do you think that is something that has been done for 232 years for anyone who’s not “in the know”?

There are many who might think I am privileged… but do they think it would please me when there are others who starve? I have been raised in a dual society forever. Just when I think change is coming, it evaporates in the next passage of law. I will be free if one of the runners will stop forcing second class citizenship on my person. I will be free when I no longer have to appease men to achieve my goals. Maybe I would have my own “Beloved,” and been supported by a free agent of change.

Ptolemy cannot be accused of lacking intellectually for long. There are many things that will come out; an exoneration for race? Incredulous! And yet that IS America’s FAUST! But no, this is exoneration for “insult without provocation.”

I am amazed at the author’s use of historical rhetoric to write; again I am found wanting in knowledge. I suppose I could have Hercules pick me up from somewhere mid-west and I’ll contact all using Helios, unless it’s the second definition and I am about to experience “Sol Invictus.” But there’s no way for to hide as long as Mahalo can search; they are human after all.

Lastly, I did find an Asian-Indian morning greeting from the coast of California, where also our terminator lives: “Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” Unless of course it’s definition two, which I prefer not to say. Alas the church does not recognize that the higher power calls whom he will and then sends his son. Why do all skip this part? Go back, it is there. The words live. The words live. We have always been dead.

The designers still meet in dingy halls with no frills. Is this what you would hold onto? Make better, make more, listen to the higher power and wait to be truly awakened. It will come. It will come. IS COMING. They will meet at ports and everywhere. Hidden men with things they do. And they all think they do this for a god. They are serving the same one the previous owners did.

Go to a mountain and live there. Do not come down. Look over the land of green and color while you can. This is yours. It is promised. “Call upon him in your day of trouble, and he will save you.” Your faith moves more as time moves and as the planet moves. If you must take stand, stand still and hold love as your shield.

Thank you for allowing me guest privilege to post. dcrelief


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  1. omegetymon / Jun 12 2008 12:05 am

    OHAYO,( Ohio) from OM. It’s been a blessing to read this ‘POSTING’,( Not only
    the words.The ‘STAKING’ OF POINTS makes this wonderful.), and be forced to
    research in turn. A grateful THANK YOU.


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