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June 14, 2008 / alghaumon


…must never be delivered as ‘FARFEL’ through a Danny O’Day. But that IS what Lawrence Eagleburger did for Cindy McCain AGAINST Michelle Obama at a REPUBLICAN fundraiser sometime this week. Other than close friends and family WHO of us has heard a sound wave leave HER lips? “Proud of her country, not just once but always”… are the ascribed terms provided by Carrie Budoff Brown for POLITICO 6-13-2008. DO you believe that she was PROUD when Pat Tillman was KILLED by “FRIENDLY FIRE” in Afghanistan, near his brother Kevin? Can she PROUDLY state a comparison of understanding between Jessica Lynch and John McCain?

The ELEPHANT CON-SUMES a lot of material to sustain its existence, therefore it must ALSO EXPEL like amounts of WASTE. (I just said that to get the thought out there.)

Upon hearing this I wondered how many women that had threatened to trade Hillary for John, (Because of the ‘mistreatments’ inflicted on Hillary.), are now seeing a light? As in a Sandra DAY O’Connor? Someone with enough VOICE, that is STRONG enough, LOUD enough, CLEAR enough, CONSISTENT ENOUGH, WOMAN enough… to hold the AUTHORITY to, NOT ONLY, DECIDE for HERSELF, but OTHERS as well. Instead of letting a stranger MAN than her spouse tell the WORLD her “thoughts and opinions”. (?) It’s a very strong statement that is seen worn on a ‘little’ girl’s play shirt that is “Crayola Calligraphied”:” SILENT,”WELL Behaved” WOMEN, SELDOM MAKE HISTORY”… In a carefully shaken hand of as many colors as allowed. But the height, spacing and spelling ARE quite ready for Carley Simon’s dad. Is there ANY correlation that McCain’s team WILL HIT a “GIRL” FIRST? And to NOT let the “HEAD Cheerleader” SPEAK FOR HERSELF? What ELSE did she say? Other than NOT divulging her TAX report. Can it be that this act is but the beginning of a new TACTIC being “hand launched” by the ‘ogre-esque’ “SPINNERASTS” lolling ’round the climbing things of the “playground”.

DOES any ONE of us have the bravery required to take a step into “the OTHERS’ camp”, for just a few moments, so that WE may have OUR five senses assailed or assuaged by the comfortable world of “Privileges” or “Poverties” sorrows? To use that time as building blocks; instead of espionages to tear down? To find, like Wednesday Addams in Summer Camp, that the “other half”, and their lives, are just the dust from Dorrien Grey’s mirror, it’s changed them, but NOT for the BETTER? As a man with a daughter this article would have been more difficult with MY thoughts and “observations”.

I think it’s time to let the scales be balanced, and it HAS to be done with finesse, and who has better hands than women to accomplish the task?



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  1. dcrelief / Jun 17 2008 5:45 pm

    On the nail again!
    You know what I like about the Obamas?
    They are a couple… the team is in the house and if one of them gets it, both take the sting, put on the salve, and keeping trucking!
    Why can’t this “translate to the citizens of this country?”
    Sometimes you’ve got to know pain to help people heal from it.
    Guess we’re not THAT ready. But if not in 2008… I am certainly ready to hear from people, this couple, what they think America can be!
    My Mom always said, “Behind every great man stands a great woman!”



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