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June 19, 2008 / alghaumon


Can YOU ‘guestimate’ how many MORE there will be if Congress,(NOT PROGRESS!), REMOVES the BAN on drilling for OIL?

In the last few weeks the areas of the upper ‘Mid-West’ have had BILLIONS OF DOLLARS lost due to a combination of “unusually high amounts of rainfall”. We’ve only been here 232 years and have kept “detailed records” for, maybe 120 of those years. Add to the, possible, fact that our NATIONAL ENGINEERING INFRA- STRUCTURE hadn’t prepared these, (and so many more.), PEOPLE’S COMMUNITIES with some BIBLICAL ADVICE in that one should ALWAYS build their HOME ON #1.) ROCK, #2.) HIGHER GROUND(!), There ARE songs about this folks!, (you’ve SUNG ‘EM in Sunday School… FOR G_D’S SAKE.) (THAT IS THE cleanest double entendre’ I’ve EVER expressed!), and we, still, have MISSED THE POINT of the LESSON. On a few of the nightly “news” casts the retorter has queried some ‘experts’ on what POLLUTIONS “would pose the most danger” to any thing coming into contact with the fast flowing flush of feces, fertilizer and flotsam? The common answer was that the questioner had just named them. The REAL disaster is that THIS IS the Mississippi River, 3779 km/2348mi of some of the freshest OFFAL Monsanto could muster, ( Not only does commercial fertilizer react with the OXYGEN of the water but makes plant growth accelerate to clog various entries and exits along that path. The BEST part of this ‘blunderous’ equation is the addition of the Monsanto’s ‘ROUNDUP’ having the same “QUALITIES” as the SOUTH-EAST ASIAN FOREST ‘DE-FOLIATER’… “agent orange”. Definitely something to think about when ‘TREATING’ that immaculate lawn where your children wrestle!). Just HOW much “FRESH WATER”anything can we expect to HARVEST from along this ol’ banquet table in the future,let alone the present? The loss of One’s home and livelihood is one of the MOST damaging things in America today, on top of the home loan fiasco. It’s WORSE when the loss of a home includes the feeding of the country.

The most ugly part of this minute crystal ball reading is that AFTER this MAJOR waterway gathers ALL of these “SOYLENTLY” sexy taste treats… IT’S GONNA EMPTY INTO THE GULF of MEXICO. That’s 617600 SQUARE MILES of fishing, shrimping, ( RED LOBSTER GOODBYE!), EVERY type of anything living… DAMAGED… maybe beyond recovery. Think about the long suffering folk where KATRINA ‘danced’ all over the bayou a few, tearfully memorable years ago. THEY still haven’t recovered, ( and are now getting EVICTED FROM THEIR FORMALDEHYDE “HUFFERARIES” by their government LANDLORD.).

The COUPS D’ ETAT, excuse me, COUPS DE GRAS will be a SENATE and CONGRESSIONAL rescindment, which would be one of THE GREATEST BLUNDERS of modern human history ever. AND YOU THINK THE WORLD hates us NOW? THINK… about this, DEAR READER. When the FOOD prices are taking your MONTHLY paycheck those that “we’ve’ elected will be doing MORE of this same tactic… while enjoying LUNCH at the CAPITOL CLUB DING ROOM… and YOU’VE picked up their service because THEY GET IT BY TAX PAYER “DONATION”.

IMAGINE all the furious building of oil derricks, they look a lot like the ‘SUPER cranes that have been tumbling all over the country …DON’T THEY?

I don’t believe I need to infuse any PICTURES in this post, DO i?



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  1. omegetymon / Jun 19 2008 11:03 pm

    dcrelief here:
    I was guessing that the humidity those bright white clouds were pulling, from my yard in the east, were headed to the Mississippi River! Yesterday the planes were out making their wispy clouds and I watched clouds absorb water, very quickly, and start to move off. I spoke to the sky: “If it’s God’s will that you’ll go you will, if not you’ll remain here. The clouds never left but dissipated completely within 25 or so minutes! Case point: it takes God’s will, not mine… not ours. But we need to be asking!

    You asked about adding a photo to the post: How about a nice steak sandwich? I hear the beef is again in the news.


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