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June 26, 2008 / alghaumon

PROTECTING: Stratigic Positionings AT the GRAND PORCH

In that great gettin’ up mornin’ hallelu’, hallelu’! In that great git tin up ‘mwaun’-nin’, we may not feel the blessings and wonderment that was once what people of European ancestry believe is the African- American deportment. But you CAN tell by the Crickets chirping in “THE HOODS” all around AMERICA. The vaunted BLACK NATIONAL CAUCUS has been so silent that you’d BELIEVE that there were no racial/ ethnic wrongs to BE righted. WE KNOW that THIS IS NOT THE CASE! In the recent pasts BLACK POLITICIANS had NO problems to call out those who’d wronged a “person of colour”, especially when that someone swore they had ‘MOTHER AFRICA’ running through their veins. But it saddens me to be able, and prompted, to “scribe” these intimations of this ‘PAGE’, ( remember this post’s name means ONE WORD, two very different views.) The one you’re to understand is: TO CALL for, a REQUESTING of, a proper BECKONING for a PRESENCE.

I’m “UBER” aware that the rocking of the ‘NATIONAL’ VIEW’S boat would make for a ‘TITANIC’ LISTING where the present Presidential “CAN-didate” of the Democratic Party is most GLARING, but it’s not about something that new. IT is about how “WE”, AFRICA’S STOLEN have publicly asked for and accepted MUCH help. And called out about the myriad of injustices born by those who got us to this point in the histories we’re living at this moment. We have some significantly historical members of OUR SENATE and CONGRESS, John Lewis of Georgia. From an F.B.I. target of the early days of the social movements, where the nascent intelligences of Bobby Seals, H. Rap Brown, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, and even SAMUEL L. JACKSON are his youthful contemporaries in the SEVERELY STRONG stands of social righteousness. THIS man has paid every possible due as a “STILL LIVING MAN”. And yet he stands sentry during this cloud gathering called NATIONAL ELECTIONS. The 1972 Democratic candidate, Shirley Chisholm’s young volunteer, Barbra Lee of California’s 9th district, has remembered THOSE strengths of values to be ONE of those who had voted NO to the invasions we’re, NOW, involved in. I consider THAT a SCREAM IN THE MONSTER’S FACE.


MAYBE it’s that I’ve forgotten my travels: books, t.v., vacations. The stern faced MARINE, SOLDIER or SAILOR like a RODIN pillar, ready to protect their area with a blurred uncoiling of” DUTY”.

This post started as a “thumb lashing”, but now I see it for what it’s become. A REVELATION, my getting knocked off my DONKEY, being asked why I have “AUT” with those who really know what’s going on, then told of how I can make things better. I’ve often said that One must pay attention, well it’s a platter full of RAVEN for me… NEVERMORE… that’s its call/caw/’CAWL’. The squeaky wheel gets the grease? It’s time to hire a better pit crew! There are too many good “constituted” mechanics, and more, out here just waiting for this NATION to hire the FUTURE’S new ‘CREW CHIEF’ so that we can get back “ON TRACK” and compete with the better funded by being more INNOVATIVE. The SILENCE … IT doesn’t SINK SHIPS.

In that “GREAT GETTIN’ UP MORNIN'” my guess/hope may be fulfilled, no matter, I’ll try to pay better attention, as I DO BELIEVE, that those in Washington D.C., ASIAN, BLACK, HISPANIC, NATIVE AMERICA and WHITE will, finally put TRANSPARENCY to the foreground of rebuilding this HOUSE called America so that the VERANDA will be expanded for the comfort of ALL.


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  1. panora / Jun 29 2008 7:56 pm

    Two views calling for opposing views? The first view wants to hear voices but only hears cricketts; the other view seems surpised by total silence; crickets are absent. Neither view addresses fear within the boundaries expressed. New things have developed: patience, fervent prayer, (don’t skip repentance), and an incredible wanting to win! Missing abundant hope. G-d alone replenishes faith to carry forward hope.


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