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July 3, 2008 / alghaumon

Beautiful Junkies

As we’ve come to the designated birth celebration of our nation this July 4th, 2008 I can’t help looking at where we are in a very disturbing way. We are in the midst of a time that is trying on ALL the surfaces of the world’s societies, and most of us are seeing more of our skulls due to the many ways we scratch, pull, smack, and run our heads into the perceived walls around us. I’m going to attempt to scribe an UGLY picture here so that it may stick in your head long enough that it might jar you into a FRESH COGNIZANCE. Here goes…

The accompanying photo to this post is of a young woman that I don’t know, as you have no idea of myself, her name is unimportant now, but she is someones child and a generation’s/ NATION’S future. I must assume by her look and carriage that she’s had an education, or at least an access to the processes. This young, vivacious, dare to say, gorgeous example of American future WOMANHOOD… IS A HEROIN USER. Past or continuing, she has a HABIT that just may END everything that those who came before her had worked so HARD for. I’m not privy to how SHE came to this awful activity but I do know about ADDICTION from my own ghosts. In the inception or conception of something we are introduced to different people and things. With that said the social weights and measures apply themselves to everything we experience. When looking at friends we choose, or those who’d not have us in their circles. We move up, or DOWN, to fill the void or expand the circle. It’s about how WE feel. “GOOD” is that thing that shows and TELLS us that we are WORTH something, without a cloaking of subterfuge. “Bad” is what is ultimately useless to the group in general.

From the classroom to the playground to visiting, we WANT to feel GOOD. And we soon learn that there are many WAYS to feel good. It just all depends on the TEACHERS we choose to TRUST. Most we come into contact with are without an ulterior motive, just there to give the “basics” of the thoughts and actions that will give us the TOOLS to gather MORE good feelings. BUT THEN there are those “few” who’ve wandered the the passages of a place that fools some with its TEMPORARY “GOOD”. Some don’t attempt to hide what they are, while others assume the costume of ‘SAMARITANS’ and “PATRIOTS”. These are our KILLERS of the future, one who will extract all until we “joyfully” walk over the cliff edge in self hate and dispare. “Here, let me help you, you don’t need much, it’ll make you FEEL BETTER.” Until the feeling “better” is so much PAIN that you GIVE AWAY everything to the LIE. PARANOIA of who is going to take what you DON’T HAVE, to the point that, (sometimes), those with a bad enough habit go out and begin to steal to obtain more…


Recovering? PAIN and give away more of their nothings. All to ingest/ inject a POISON that has taken away, IS TAKING AWAY, the beauty of this ENTITY called HUMANITY.

For the past thirty years we here in America have been chasing the “injectables” and “ingestables” for that false sense of happiness and SECURITY that’s been SMUGGLED here through fascist,flagged manipulations of the grandchildren of the renewed REICH, a new world order taken from the notebooks of some of the EARTH’S most sick and ugly brainwaves. The last EIGHT have seen us fall like a ‘JUNKIE’ who has gotten a bad batch of POPPY juice from their “best FRIEND”. HOW do YOU propose that we help each other get well? Are you willing to start “cleaning” up and chasing away the purveyors of POISONS that are/ have taken away the nascent beauty that is AMERICA… THE WORLD? Can WE bring FREEDOM REMISSION from this false feel good?

The young woman’s name is Cory, and I hope that by this photo that she’s well on HER way to a full and COMPLETE recovery. As I hope for this WORLD.


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  1. Dixie Copeland / Jul 3 2008 8:08 pm

    I concur, and how interesting that my post for today is called, “Living Fragile.” In my quietest and most disparing moments of “active addiction” the silence would be more than I could bear: hearing my heart beat was torture because another night was near and I knew I’d hit the streets. (Dix)


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