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August 2, 2008 / alghaumon

The Punted Bucket, Lining it up

There are so many people that have seen and are seeing the lowest points in life. I’ve had a long battle with drug abuse and ALL of its ‘wonderful’ assets. The many clouds that continue to circle my life don’t appear to be letting go of their dismantling my attempts of ‘doing something RIGHT’ for this world. And I’m losing what faith I thought I had in turning the remaining time I have left.

TIME, the calculated/approximate observation of events that we witness or have related to us. Aurally, graphically, editorially, mechanically, time has a weight that we sometimes attempt to rush through its cycle. Many others of us refuse to count it down, preferring to fill the rest of their TIME allotted with the constant glees of stuffing as much life that they can into these, all too few, moments that we call LIFE. These people, such as Randy Pausch know when and where their bucket is and choose the exact line of attack for its ‘puntment’. They teach us the fun-mentals, ( the smart ones have no TIME for ‘DUH’ !), showing all how to choose the proper pail and development of technique, all the while counting UP each and every day of staying close to those they love.

TIME is not the enemy, it is our travel mate, the one entity that is our envelope, the blanket of security that we can carry anywhere we go for our entire life without your outgrowing its presence. TIME is counted by those who have undergone a sundering of their health, the remission of the devastation’s inflicted by a malady or habit of detriment.This is why those who follow Bill W.’s plan count their days, weeks, months and years of continued freedoms from the pains. Many of us would love to know the distance traveled between our first recognition of a bucket and the one that holds our exit information and departure TIME. The bucket is of our own design and volume, style, maybe playground. Early kickball, Beckham,Groza or Pele, with, maybe, a little Bennie Hill thrown in for exit’s easement. Or “Rochester’s” cue in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. The pail punting prerogative is our final act on this orb, it’s best to do it with grace in TIMING.

corner kick

corner kick


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  1. Dixie / Aug 4 2008 12:07 pm

    As I read thoughts of stubbng my own toe, attempting my own punt, came to mind. I switched feet but that did nothing to assist me. Finally I grasped the handle and carry it wherever my higher power leads; He alone knows when I can set it down.

    A marvel post sir.


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