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August 14, 2008 / alghaumon

Georgia On ‘My’ Mind

Georgia, GEORGIA

Georgia, GEORGIA

Well, fellow citizens, it’s just under three months until “we” choose the next occupant of the oval office. As of today, August 14, 2008 we’ve had 3367 “officially” dead soldiers since 3/19/03. And then there are the 655000 Iraqis who’ve met their demise in that same period of time. Add to these the gossamer gilded government spend rate of ,( “approximately” ), TWELVE BILLION dollars A MONTH. Of course we all know that we’re fighting this “conflict” in the region that provides most of the world’s OIL, and the Bush ‘family’ stands to reach one of its monarchical goals at this term’s end by “assisting” second quarter profit(eering) for ExxonMobil= $11.68 BILLION, Royal Dutch Shell= $11.56 BILLION, BP= $ 9.5 BILLION, Chevron= $ 5.98 BILLION, ConocoPhillips= $ 5.44 BILLION “respectively”.

Now, as time has all but run out on the Republican ravishing of the Constitution and nine-tenths of the other freedoms that USED TO BE ensured Mr. Bush has succeeded in placing missiles near Russia’s borders, just as their satellite Georgia is mid “skirmish” with South Ossetia. This is the Baltic region’s OIL transfer location, where as Bush fails in the middle- east Mr. Putin is gettin’ ‘er DONE!

What IS to become of this latest event? What WALL will have to be torn down in AMERICA to rid US of the outrageousness’s that have been built in the minds of this citizenry?

HAVE we become the very thing, that we fought throughout the Twentieth century, to the world that fought WITH US ?




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  1. dcrelief / Aug 15 2008 2:43 am

    Evoked memories haunt but not as chilling as watching Olympic’s opening night and chum(p)-ness of two leaders. Gives new meaning to one world one dream type thinking: who’s world who’s dream? Enjoyed your post. !dc

  2. Bug / Aug 15 2008 4:25 am

    There’s an expression: Everybody once and the easy ones twice. We’re on that road that I don’t like seeing it played out. What wall? The one Washington is fast psssing against.

  3. Dixie / Aug 17 2008 5:55 pm

    What wall? I have an answer but the old bugaboos cause me pause; like the tornado that invoked Dorothy to cry out: “oh anti-em,” I too find reason to want anti-sem to get over “themselves”.


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