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August 19, 2008 / alghaumon



HANFORD, CALIFORNIA Assembly-Woman, sister of a teacher at her alma mater.

NICOLE PARRA is the WELCOME EXAMPLE of what an ELECTED OFFICIAL IS to be to those who placed them there. [ In the doghouse for standing .] [Nicole Parrra of Hanford,CA] A Los Angeles Times BLOG has notified us that this extremely well grounded LATINA representative has taken a stand for HER constituents at the State of California Legislation DEMOCRATIC PARTY BUDGET SPENDING PLAN VOTE this past Sunday 8/17/08. Karen Bass, Speaker of the House, [Karen Bass], California’s version of NANCY PELOSI. (There seems to be a ‘SMALL’ portend to the way of things to come by this event. ) The only thing that Ms. Parra did is NOT fall into party ‘LOCK STEP’, so Ms. Bass has sent Ms. Parra’s ENTIRE staff across the street to a building where legislative STAFFERS work.

It is an interesting scenario to watch, as a prelude, as to how the Democrats are to be a cohesive element in this nation’s future. What, with this coming PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and the RACIAL RE-BALANCING to arrive, VERY SOON, at this mid century. Just how are WE, THE PEOPLE to choose the proper REPRESENTATIVE for OUR leader-ship?

In the HOUSE

In the HOUSE.

Is this the new continuance of “The same old story, same old song and dance, my friend”?

Ms. Speaker of the HOUSE.

Ms. Speaker of the HOUSE.


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  1. dcrelief / Aug 19 2008 4:02 am

    I find the “speaker’s” action in contempt for the citizens of CA.; it is not her place to designate office space is it? Aren’t the CA. taxpayers still paying the rent there too?

    No wonder we’re “screwed” as a nation… if every state “speaker” can hold hostage it’s fellow legislators for “their” interests; what happens to the interests of the citizens that need that water improvement? Screwed.


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