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September 8, 2008 / alghaumon

BRINGING in the SHEATHES: War, Famine, Disease


It is not the act of voting that changes the world, it is the act of concern which changes us, and when we’re NOT concerned the vote does not matter. The country will continue its death spiral and THOSE of you in high places can slap yourselves silly, on the backsides, for a job WELL DONE!


There’s something you need to be made aware of: It is…the meek which shall inherit your silliness and turn into greatness that which you will not be allowed to rule over ever again. Doubt it? Go ahead; push your luck because you’re going to anyway. You are already a part of the biggest problem, and will never admit it until you are confronted by a power so large it will terrify you. Laugh away; YOU don’t even get it: it’s a game and “he who dies with the most toys wins?!” Who told you that lie? You don’t win, you just die and someone else takes your toys… probably in an inheritance tax: ironic, poetic justice of man-KIND-ness!


How about the power of war? What if another group wants to battle you, sitting few, on your playground? Are we prepared? No we are not. What about Famine? We continue to sell ourselves, our debt, and our few country-producing goods to THOSE who would love to see us fail. One administration after another has had their hands in the cookie jar thinking that no one is watching, MUCH. You care less if the citizens see you steal, hear you lie, and reap your costly decisions; but have you forgotten about the rest of the world, or are you using the rest of the world to SECURE your prize? What about Disease?


Sit down and shut up: the king of America is about to speak. Excuse me, I’m not a king, nor a queen, don’t mean a thing to those of you who would take me down to the depths of Hades. I am a citizen who is concerned about your lost and vaguely FAMILIAR path of rule. The more you say you give me, the more in reality you take away. To deny that is to prove again that you are a liar and a thief. As you go off to save the world what about your responsibilities to THIS people? I already have my answer; I’m just waiting until you have to STAND and give yours. Best to avoid those lofty high towers where rule says: “Do as I SAY and not as I do.”


It is not the act of voting that changes the world, as votes can be tampered with, lost, and misdirected; “DIE-boldly” where no vote has gone before. And if that doesn’t work, no problem, the owned media will announce your choice for us. Aren’t they the tally-ho of voter participation?! Besides those electoral votes will speak volumes of what the “little people” REALLY want; won’t they? (Fade to a whisper.) Won’t they?


It is the act of concern that changes us, as we seek people, places and things to give us better direction. We take responsibility for going off-course, and not listening to the inward heart that KNOWS direction, instruction, justice… concern for all. And why is it that I’ve written so little on the good and so much more on the bad? Have you seen the sheathes?





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  1. omegetymon / Sep 9 2008 2:31 am

    As I sat to find fodder for my next opinion you placed the very words that
    the RELIGIOUS RIGHT, (AS IN correct-ness! ), have failed to express to those
    who’ve pandered to a book , not the lessons or reasons presented throughout said book… NO MATTER THE TYPE OF RELIGION. They’ve forgotten that the FAITH generated by ANY religion is first directed towards THE GOOD
    of a PEOPLE. Finding the common good in all is what IS the BASIS/BASE of
    the CONSTITUTION’S stating that there is a FREEDOM to WORSHIP AS WE SEE
    FIT, to accomplish making this country a WELCOME PART OF THIS WORLD.

  2. dc / Sep 9 2008 3:21 pm


    Eloquently said; I agree with most of your ‘fodder’.
    Yet I am of the belief that man’s attempt at creating
    constitutions speaks to his vanity; always playing Creator.
    Mankind no longer hears “THE VOICE,” so has forgotten
    that equality was never a question in the beginning; it

    Thank you for commenting.


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