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September 23, 2008 / alghaumon

When THEY Call for “CHANGE”.

The very people who’ve walked past not so well kept individuals asking for enough coinage to buy either a beer or food have convinced our legislative “leaders” to do for them, ( by the quite hard working folks that they’ve stolen HOMES from, ruined credit too… you make your own list !), what they’ve turned their noses up to. The sad part of this rant is that these people are those that have the educative label of “our best and brightest”, how are these purveyors of greed’s increasingly uglier vistas going to lead this nation to a better day ? The question “profound” is this, how did we let this happen to OUR CHILDREN, there can’t be a bizzare ‘golden dawn’ undercurrent on SESEME STREET. In this I remember that Mark Twain told someone to… ” Never let school interfere with your EDUCATION”. ( AS A SIDE NOTE: For the past 25, or so, years business has asserted its tainted agendas into how our new and underfunded high school graduates live, eat and dress. Look at any of the age specific pulp periodicals for the 18 to 36 year old males and females respectively and you’ll find “youth” with “DeLay-ed” intentions. ).

And, just HOW can we ‘GIVE’ a break to a company that was a FOUNDING FAMILY of ‘THE FED’ ? Those who our government go to FOR MONEY !?! GO ahead, look up the LEHMAN history.

When the call for ‘CHANGE’ is an unfamiliar ECHO will you TRUST its CLAIMED SOURCE of origin ?

When the RED TEAM calls for “change” remember how EMPTY your pockets have gotten.

Wanting change, then getting it, without the definative points that is of ones interest and concerns is what both parties are counting on… WE PAY ATTENTION to the loud and sullied presentations, NOT the bottom lines at GROUND LEVEL. If we did THAT would be a CHANGE.



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