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October 6, 2008 / alghaumon

Evil HAS

 EVIL covers its tracks.

EVIL covers its tracks.

Evil has set up shop in the Oracle’s house. This house was built by the bone and sinew of a Serf’s daydreams. Built summits by dragging those gathered daydreams to each new elevation. Visions that added strength and endurance to the quantative ancestral saltings, each grain the Fullerine of Freedom to mesh with. Like a fundament of glory.

Evil has become the CAPITOL of greed, stealing more and more grains from our children’s breakfast cereals, replacing them with nutritional cellulose and sand. And now the grain itself can have no “children”, “OUR” ‘law’s’ “high ministers” have deigned G-D’s WORK man’s.

Evil has masqueraded itself into our “leadership”, trained by the ‘Minister of Song’, apprenticed. Sent to apply our needs and wishes, but they were only renters, never to be a real STEWARD of the community.

Evil has told us, through his Fathers that we are NOT who he loves and looks out for, he AUCTIONS out our love and looks out for ONLY HIMSELF. His ancestralbackground a story of REICHTEOUS HONOR.

EVIL has offered you his “dreams” but not how you’ll wake up. Has offered you “rest” knowing your bed’s sheets will be drenched in a cold, clammy bid you to lie upon a silk mesh over Bamboo, to skewer your heart through your back.

EVIL has set up shop in the Oracle’s HOUSE…

YOU were the “ORACLE”, it’s NO LONGER YOUR HOUSE, and they’ve sold your children.

What “GOOD” wants and needs for us… EVIL NOW HAS.



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