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October 10, 2008 / alghaumon

” I’ll FIX You “

Ill FIX You.

"I'll FIX You".

Well here we are, the monies available around the WORLD are now tied to the REPUBLICAN= NEOCON, George W. Bush ” POLITICAL” agendas. I DO wonder how TONY BLAIR is fairing at this very moment. We are at the last few weeks until a new “ PRESIDING PINNOCHIO “ takes theses reigns, that have been welded into the mouth of a horse with too much of an enhancing drug in its system for this race, and will have the guts, as well as help, to bring it back to its paddock safely. Goerge W. Bush and his, (‘WRECKING’), “crew”, (as in PIRATES), have done to the world what NO OTHER historic “CONquerer” has EVER done. By just invading ONE little nation, physically, he has sent an “ARMY” of the most effective warriors across ALL 195 recognized sovereignty’s borders, ‘GREED AND FEAR’. In their most : “SAINTLY” STEALTHED costumes yet. From the Cheney run ‘FALSE FLAG’ initiated in New York City, just after his “Supreme” Court stacked election win. Assisted by DIEBOLD voting machines triggered via “raspberry” Blackberrys. Calling on the small hopes and GIGANTIC FEARS of a “LINEN” hued race that HAS forgotten the doctrines and parables of the ‘FAITH’ PURE. [ \”Just taste it.\”], [promises, promises.]

Now we have included the entire globe with “OUR” decision to allow this ‘man’, and his “STAFF”, to remove all of our FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS, PRIVACIES and , for some, even a place to safely lay down our children’s heads. And to the tune of 130trillion dollars, ( NOT 700 billion, Nancy Pa-LOUSE-i snuck in another 630 billion three days prior.), “to SAVE the ECONOMY”. A question to ALL the “church-goin’ folk” out there. Do YOU believe that Mr. Bush’s “attempts” to “change his ways” will be “forgiven”? ( My analogy is this: Since SATAN’s detrimental actions affected the entirety of the EARTH, wouldn’t the same type of manipulations apply in this scenario ALSO? And, what OF those “Angels” that ASSISTED/CONTINUE TO ASSIST ?)

In any case I have to wonder, who will actually “TAKE PRIDE”in hosting the OFFICIAL GEORGE W. BUSH LIBRARY when the time comes to break ground? AND who would be the AUDACIOUS DONOR(S) to assist in the building of this monument of “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” !?! Lastly, will even a CHUCKIE CHEESE’S host “A night with the President” in the coming years ?

AS this site is based on things that have two opposite meanings for one word today’s comments by Mr. Bush have an ominous ring when he tells the public that his administration will “FIX” these problems… kind of like those ‘OUR GANG’ shorts when Butch would tell Alfalfa that : ” He’d FIX him…”



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  1. D. Copeland / Oct 10 2008 9:22 pm

    Great post; sorry it turned out the way George predicted back in 1999! With the exception of dictator, I think he’s accomplished all. If not well, won’t be the first time he’s fooled anyone.

    You remember his quote: “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice shame, uh, uh, …fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, uh, uh… you can’t just fool me twice. You’re not going to fool me twice.”

  2. deigratia / Oct 12 2008 4:25 pm

    “World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”


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