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October 27, 2008 / alghaumon

Trade and ‘Manufacturing’:

The GIFT of STAYING HOME and REMOVING the Financial Fences with the NEXT DOOR Neighbor.

So many American based products manufacturers have taken their “TOYS” and left their former friends and neighbors for the, seemingly, Tomato stem green* of almost every brown or golden-hued Pacific rim and Asian based citizenry for the past 20, or so, years *(Anyone that has “hand” picked organically grown tomatoes has found that in doing so the stem “sheds” the skin. When three or more Pecks’ worth have been gathered that lovely rich green soon builds to ‘BLACK’. In a way that is exactly the goal of Business, collecting enough “green” so that the bottom line is assured to be a very solid BLACK.)

These last few months of the new ‘www’ (world wide whack. come on!), economic collapse have brought the old addage of NOT PUTTING ONE’S EGGS INTO A SINGLE BASKET, especially when an EPIDEMIC targets the “flock”. The real problem resides with the fact that when the former “flock” is quite aware that the shelters for laying have been destroyed, and the quantity along with the QUALITIES of feed for them, and offspring, no longer is available.

The commercials we’ve become used to(o) need to be brought up- to- date. The MAYTAG man has just been changed from the “president of WKRP (Gordon Jump) to a no-name, but passable young man.If Maytag was to be honest with the “buying” public they might have enlisted SAMO HUNG or JET LI , which would have added a WONDERFUL dynamic into how the ‘world’s’ loneliest repairman fills in his “down time”.

But one of the most interesting factors of my weirded-out self-education is that even though we here of ‘SEMI’- North America have seen our jobs sent overseas that nation that just hosted the Summer Olympics has NOT been allowed to INVEST in the COMPANIES of this nation. WE can OWE them TRILLIONS of BORROWED monies ( ever since Richard M. Nixon showed Mao HIS resume’.) but not one shilling to the minuscule ownership of STOCKS. An acquaintance pointed to this stating that if this were allowed then, maybe, this domino effect of crisis might appear as an atrocious smelling “cough” at the cotillion by our government. Will “American” based business be able to return here with the APOLOGIES of decent wages AND a GOOD HEALTH CARE package for the U.S. (DOUBLE-)Bread- Winners? And will they be smart enough to realize that, as SPOCK so eloquently said… ” The NEEDS of the MANY OUTWEIGHS the needs of the few ?” (The wage earners’ real worth IN COMPARISON to the gold gilded Platinum Para-SAILS poorly hidden at the “top” floors of American industries.)



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