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November 12, 2008 / alghaumon

Another Bailout Ensues…

…But this time IS there going to BE a CONTRACT !?!

Whenever the normal wage earner has to weigh the prospect of leaving the business that housed, fed and entertained their family they aren’t privileged to have the willing (and fear filled) ear of someone that will pat them on the head and say “I’ll Forgive You”. And anyone that has caused injury or the loss of company “prestige” or excessive amounts of money ISN’T given a “That’s Okay”, ‘Here, do it again’.

Nobody we know can give their customers calculated falsehoods of why their work is ‘mediocre’ and then, when they’ve lost over half their business, have a “RICH UNCLE” bale them out , to let them RESET TO BLAND.

If the American Auto making community would just allow themselves the AUTONOMY of building something with an economical VERVE, NOT like a ‘sponsored’ by “OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” of NASCAR. Like, here Madam ( or Sir), here’s an item that will get you where you want to be without keeping your children from eating properly.

I’m NOT attempting to editorially demean the many auto workers who DO the JOB… as it’s described and prescribed.I DO write about how the auto industry ex(dis-)ecutives and designers have found (almost) every excuse to give the American public cars and trucks that waste consumers’ money. Because of power-plants (engines) that have become so complicated with electronic gadgetry that a couple of screws to adjust the air/fuel mixture for the vehicle to use LESS fuel is “virtually” impossible. The computer’s program would have to be extensively “RE-VAMPED”*(* vamp= a term used by crack-cocaine addicts for fake “product”.). They are crying for help even though they will sell a car or truck outside our borders that will run on renewable fuels grown within that nation. ( Brazil powers their cars from SUGARCANE and CHEVROLET makes the cars for their market.)

There are only TWO of over 30 vehicles, worldwide, that get FORTY MILES to the GALLON ALLOWED in this country, while companies that make a car that can achieve 64 MILES to the GALLON CANNOT put it on an American showroom floor. (BMW’s MINI COOPER-D model cannot be purchased in NORTH AMERICA: U.S. and CANADA. Probably because the Canadian dealerships would stop ALL of “big three’s” sales and the government wouldn’t get the sales taxes, let alone from the fuel taxes missed by the lowering of consumption.)

If our NEWLY ELECTED HAVE AN INKLING to hand over OUR MONEY to these “THREE CARD MONTEY’s” without a set agenda of improvement in the areas of…

1.)Fuel ECONOMY: the ability to improve it as the price of fuel changes, with little need for an engineering degree.

2.)Aerodynamic improvements: a vehicle with its nose as a BLOCK should be outlawed.

3.)Vehicles that are smaller in size and weight but possess ant-like qualities, an extreme versatility. Two seats and the square footage left by such gives more CARGO area. I wonder if you’ve noticed how many vehicles during the work-a-day commute have more than one PERSON IN IT.

4.)Front and Rear bumpers that act as such, without costing ¼ the purchase price of the vehicle to ‘replace’.

If our elected would think about the FUTURE,as in MORE THAN the Next QUARTER’S PROFITS but the NEXT CENTURY’S viability, then, maybe this “BAILOUT” could work…

All the “big three” have to do is make a decent, economical, non-cookie cutter food-colored white-bread offering. OR is that TOO much to demand for TWENTY-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to save THEIR ” Donkey”… or maybe that’s what’s being BAILED OUT. The U.S.S. DUMB-A_ _!!! WE all KNOW the CAPTAIN’S NAME.



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