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November 25, 2008 / alghaumon

Elementary Mathematics for Legislators

If the current group of  Palositicians proceed to lift another 800 BILLION DOLLARS from the already overtaxed wallets  of the citizenry then Bush and company will have succeeded in killing an entire world’s economy.

Just for the sake of how simple, ( SIMPLE is the ANTAGONYM.). it would have been to correct everything that corporate mentalities have squandered through their colo-rhyno tanning techniques…

As of 2007 the U.S. Census has gathered the number of Citizens 18 years and above to be 227,719,424. If a third grader with a “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” C- minus average took that sum then used it to devide the 2,130,000,000,000 dollars (that our college “edgeamacated” poli-tick-ians have graciously handed to those who’d wasted that sum, and more, in the first place.) the budding “Greenspawn” would achieve the lovely sum of $93,536,157 that EVERY CITIZEN COULD HAVE RECEIVED and HAVE ENDED  this ENTIRE “Financial conflict” IMMEDIATELY!!!! This entire country would now be at ZERO with the rest of the world looking on with hope.

But that’s not how our legislators see how to “help” their constituancy.

It should have gone to the citizens.

It should have gone to the citizens.

I can sincerely believe that it is very hard to count when one has their finger constantly up one’s nose.





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