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December 24, 2008 / alghaumon

Edward R. He’s NOT

No matter his rushes to false judgements (th)Rush ‘Limppaw’ has always provided a “listing”view, (as in his keel isn’t keeping the ship upright.), of “ALL he observes”. On his December 23,2008 show he rewound his kite string to attempt a fluttering “right-cross” at incoming President Barack Obama.

[\’Plush Limppaw\’ ], [lefties are great.]

“Gush Limppaw” spoke about Barack H. Obama’s being left handed, attempting to connect ‘POTTY-TRAINING’ failure to being left handed. As “edge-a-macated” as “Slush” claims for, er, about himself it has never ceased to amaze the “insane” and amuse the ‘sane’ that the “PONZI-proffesionalism” of this ‘Marconi Madoff’ hasn’t been “de-stilled” yet. Although as a person that has known a milligram,or two, about “chemical synaptic opinions and observations” I didn’t seek pharmaceutical Molasses’ to continually pour over the receptors.

The BLUE light of truth sets Rush free.

The BLUE light of "truth" sets Rush free.

No, “Lush”. our new AND improved President isn’t Abraham Lincoln but Mr. Edward R. Murrow ONLY spoke on those things he’d ACTUALLY WITNESSED and Participated in.



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