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January 1, 2009 / alghaumon

At Least They Have a Job

For a man that was appointed by a Bush it seems funny that his call for a “cost-of-living” increase for those that are, LITERALLY, guaranteed consistent WORK in THIS day and age. With the absolute collapse of our economy, brought about from GREED, it is absurd for those to be “BENEFITING” by what their financial “PEERS” wrought. People who have “lost everything” are going to “need a place a to stay for awhile”. [to avoid having to SLEEP on a bench.]. The man leading the push for ALL Federal Judges to receive a 30% pay increase, [Federal judicial salaries in 2008 ranged from $169300 for trial judges to $217400 for the chief justice. Under legislation backed by Roberts, those salaries … (Bloomberg)= [Is he making the \”RIGHT\” decision ?]

In the entertainment industry we that are NOT the “PRETTY” ones have had a few ‘cost-of-living’ increases, but these have been coupled to studios and theatres not being able to “book”, ( that’s right, “Dan-O”.), as many or as lengthy “runs” to make those “increases” pertinent. In that “rule of THUMB”, (U-GES-DAH-PLAYS-MINT), it IS a little like biting the hand that (will) feed you. [And YOU\’RE not making enough !?!] Getting paid to do your job is always in “GOOD JUDGEMENT”. My hope is that those of us regular folk that couldn’t go to college as a “LEGACY” will be good enough make sure that we judge our situation as “what the DIPS along life’s road have dealt us” and that the “management” teams living in their gated communities will see the wolves that they’ve become… and not accrue a possible “bounty” on themselves.



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