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January 12, 2009 / alghaumon

They’re Trying to “FUEL” You…AGAIN!

The premise began MORE THAN 100 years ago. A way to “get there” without the Hay/ Manure connection of the time (1834), or the GLOBAL ENERGY Phlebotomists ‘ZELOTSIES’ overworking Earth’s circulatory systems of TODAY. Vehicles that get power from (‘INSTANTLY’) replaceable ELECTRICITY ,[They had it right, but let the greedy decide.], DON’T have the combined problems that FOSSIL FUELS “bless” us with. But the monopolysts like John D. Rockefeller, (STANDARD OIL), funded vehicle engine designers and builders to make their power plants more “efficient”/powerful, ( NOT to exclude the fact that U.S. born and bred Thomas Alva EDISON was having to “work” around the exceedingly brilliant Nicoli TESLA and their opposed views of how electricity was delivered, (Edison= ‘Direct Current’ vs Tesla= ‘Alternating Current’). {As a side note to this: Tesla’s original power plant , in NIAGRA FALLS, is STILL working. Edison attempted to “ruin” his competition’s “baby” by suggesting that ‘AC’ be used for the FIRST PUBLIC EXECUTION by ELECTROCUTION. The attempt obviously failed. And as I write this Tesla’s name has resurfaced as a forward thinking alternative to “DETROIT’S” fuel wasting fare. [Brilliance = LONGEVITY.]}

With a RACING RECORD that lasted TEN YEARS.

With a RACING RECORD that lasted TEN YEARS.

99% of the first American motor coach builders abandoned electric vehicles for the easier INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE, power was easier to get with how BUSINESS was scheming to increase their “profiteering”. ( I DON’T believe that my statement is wrong here… do YOU!?!)

There have been so many articles written, and by how the OIL COMPANIES have continued to “RAPE for PROFIT”, it’s obvious that too many OF those HAVE GONE UNREAD !(to the TENTH POWER!). SO, now that the world has FINALLY had ENOUGH many of the personal transportation manufacturers (CAR COMPANIES=”DETROIT”) are again looking at ELECTRICITY’S environmentally SUPERIOR abilities which had a modest thought in 1959 [An industral “HENNEY PENNEY”.]but were financially pummeled into submission.

The Detroit Car Show is IN PROGRESS as I write, with many makers FINALLY seeing how OUR PAYCHECKS are to AFFECT their own . In today’s REUTERS News article Michigan’s Governor was seen with HER constituents holding signs of how their home’s industry is getting “CHARGED UP” over their income provider’s new “intelligence”. [You’ll definately GET the PUNCH lines.] And GM’S Bob Lutz is attempting to LURE public/ consumer thought by ‘GRAFTING’ the thought of “federal” incentives being offered to those buying electric vehicles, (as opposed to GM making a BETTER PRODUCT in the first place.). To keep “every- thing/ one/ BOB’S SALARY, afloat.

BUT, NO MATTER what these purveyors of “Powered POOP” are telling us at this moment there remains a FACT that the “HOLLI-BULL-HOOPLA” HAS NOT ADDRESSED… A battery powered vehicle that contains NO DEVICE TO REPLENISH THE CHARGE WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE THE PUBLIC INDEBTED TO FUEL PROVIDERS !!!! Since their new electric fare HAVE NO MEANS to re-establish the lost/ used energies of said battery bank then the “automobile of the FUTURE” will continue to have the SAME INTRINSIC ABILITIES to scuttle consumer faith and ecological stewardship that its predecessors have. THAT”S RIGHT the same presidents and engineers who brought us “PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE” are BACK, (yours and mine !), at it. Whosoever is in cahoots with BOB LUTZ and COMPANIES to make the batteries, ( BOB used to work for EXIDE!), have worked out just a small enough business plan to make sure that those power sources won’t/ can’t be turned into the HYPER EFFICIENT devices that ANY SEVENTH-GRADE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLASS COULD PRODUCE. In a “simple(tons”) view: IF you attach a device that PRODUCES, then TRANSFERS,a sufficient amount of energy to offset that expended… you may come CLOSE to having ‘SELF PERPETUATING ENERGY DEVICE’. All that would be necessary is some way to create a significant enough initiating charge/ discharge to make some sort of restorative to allow said battery bank to function as an efficient, economical and ecologically cohesive TOOL of, NOT SO “LOCO”-MOTION.


Why else would “they” finally put a battery powered vehicle within our reach ? And think of the (as commercially advertised by the RAILROAD Industry.) monetary savings, besides the lack of 1970’s style “associations”we’ll avoid… as well as the available time to spend with friends and family. Ben Franklin told us: ‘A penny SAVED is the middle east de-served’. Thus giving the American/ WORLD driver TRUE “FREEDOM of the ROAD”.

From the outside the future looks good, its what WE cant see...

From the outside the future looks good, it's what WE can't see...

(This article was an INSPIRATION of Ravenscawl and Boss Kitty.)

P.S.: Detroit has been left at the (“given the”…) gate by those that INVENTED the very thing they’ve squandered. (money, paper that is.) [Detroit says this is just the begining.] It’s a shame when one forgets that thing that got them where they were most comfortable … without being LAZY.

* With a simple “starter” battery the “car” begins movement thus spinning the generator’s rotor producing the initial creation of power. As the “car” is moving the generator comes into use to provide the batteries with replenishment as they discharge to move the “car”. This IS a very parochial description of what may actually take place, but I’m sure that a truly educated individual could/ will put this idea to its proper use.



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