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January 22, 2009 / alghaumon

1/21/09= 98 Days of the ‘HUNDRED’…

… to do, 98 visions to view. The “Prez”, he say ‘GITMO’ GO AWAY(!), 98 days left to do.

As an unproven source of information, amusement, Pulitzer-esque content, or the gift of soothing the polyps of racial fecundity …

I can only IMAGINE the POWER.

I can only IMAGINE the "POWER".

1.) [I NEED company.]… I must move to a better area.

2.)[Who IS \” the President\” ?]

3.)[Too much tugging.]

4.)[ Judge by the previous actions.]

5.)[On the \”Patriot\” Act.]

6.)[FOLLOW the MONEY.]

7.)[\”Getting to \’know\’ you, getting to know ALL about you…\”]

I seriously don’t think that I’m being LAZY here. My aim is to “PRIME the PUMP” for a sense of “direction” with the task I’ve given myself. What exactly IS this “task”? It IS to see if I can maintain a schedule, to draw concerned thinkers to help create a quilt with”LEXAGONAL” patterns that may lend a few folks directions of teaching each other the use of a “LEXTANT” to chart the courses of any new winds that WE WILL encounter.

Come ON, folks, enter IN this “fest”(-ival, NOT “ering”.).



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