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January 22, 2009 / alghaumon

1/21/09= 99 DAYS of the ‘HUNDRED’…

… begun, 99 days no false fears. Write “some” down then pass it around 99 days I have here. ( Title = “”99 Bottles”, a tribute to George W. Bush’s return trip to Texas.)

As one of the “golden” children who’ve decided to place a thought or opinion in the electronic tome called WORDPRESS.COM I believe that it’s time to really try to exact a little of the same type of excitement that Gutengerg drew when he lowered that first plate of letters.

Today is the first business day of President Barack Hussein Obama’s four year tenure as the PRESIDING LEGISLATOR of the United States of America. With that tiny bit of fanfare I am now setting you all/ ya’ll/ yawl up for a, hopeful, grand “LEXPERIMENT”. The objective of this “LEXERCISE” is to bring as much information on ONE subject, from as many locational opinions as the internet will allow. As events take place around the world, that may have an influence on any of us, and should be reported to give each of us a FORE WARNING of ANY TYPE of “climate” change.

My GOAL is to say SOMETHING on this page about what THIS President is DOING about something that pertains to America thus the WORLD. And do so with as many leads / “breadcrumbs” as necessary to assist a “SEEKER” to find some “ANSWERS”. The BEST PART of this ‘insanity’ is that I’m INVITING all to leave/ insert/ drive an informative piece/ bit/ flavoring back to this site TO COMPLETE the “LEXIOGRAPHIC” VISIONS that this should paint. And so IT BEGINS !

1.) [First things FIRST.] 2.)[Observations of across the pond. 3.)[From the Progenitor\’s house.] 4.)[Hugo\’s interested.] 5.)[\”Mr. President HAMAS is on the \’line\’.] 5.)[The nations largest EMPLOYER says…] 6.)[Greetings from/ and OHIO.] 7.)[News from the \”Rim\”.

Form any opinion you want as long as you make the effort to be brave enough to help fill in the numerous blanks that ‘NEWS AS A BUSINESS’ have been getting away with. WE cannot be bought OR sold by former K.G.B. agents that can purchase some of the world’s oldest purveyors in the FOURTH ESTATE. Besides that this “LEXERCISE” will help me count better.

So* / sew, one word is a “binder”. *[ not a needle pulling thread.], if you read this blog’s post and wish to participate I URGE you to do so !!! The ONLY rule is that if you do please encourage those who read YOUR blog to ADD their FINDS to this “LEXERCISE”. BLOGGERS: LINK THIS WORLD’S CHAIN of EVENTS for the next ‘HUNDRED’ DAYS WITH me. This way WE let them KNOW that the ENTIRE WORLD IS PAYING ATTENTION !!!

The whole WORLD is WATCHING !!!

The whole WORLD is WATCHING !!!



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