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January 24, 2009 / alghaumon

1/24/09=95 DAYS of the ‘HUNDRED’.

… for me, 95 to find. Take the helm, but don’t overwhelm. There’s 95 days of facts I must find.And, by the looks of the stats, not a score care. No Matter, there are four score and an “IDES” left.

After finding an article, on Slashdot, that told of one of the Nations filthiest and most needed to clean dumps, near Hanford, Washington, (eight years on the PRIORITY List of the SUPER FUND.), had found an old safe that had been opened to find a quantity of WEAPONS GRADE Plutonium dating to the World War Two, American HYPER OFFENSIVE MANHATTAN PROJECT. In the story there was NO MENTION of WHO the safe HAD belonged to, or whether there had been any report(s) of anyone suffering from an acute case of ‘RADIATION POISONING’ since 1942 or 43.

But, by and large, the things that President Obama is strengthening are those things that may be of help in the future for WOMEN 1.) [The ONLY true TRACKING source for HERITAGE. ]. As the FATHER of two, “in training” , he MUST do the best he can to make sure that CHOICE, (As in using one’s well trained AND organized MIND/ MINED.), IS the MOST INTELLIGENTLY and FREQUENTLY used G-D given RIGHT.

Then, of course, pushing “HIS” administration, as far to “WORLD SHAPING”, (Something this BIG can’t “LOVINGLY” be molded by ONE set of hands, from ONLY ONE FACET of a THOUGHT’S PRISM.),as close as many “cooler” heads can get… and as different as possible, for comparative knowledge. 2.)[World views and decisions @ 360 degrees times Itself.]. But, in only THREE DAYS after taking office U.S. “U.A.V.’S” restarted ‘offensive’ targeting of troublesome regions in the Afghan-Pakistani border area. 3.) [SSSSUUPER Sales, Man.]. Is it possible that these world policy makers have only looked at litmuses designed just for/by the JURIST TRAINED mind/ set, instead of ethnically ensconced LIBERALLY ARTISANED brickmakers. (How else is the world going to build a house that ALL can LIVE in ?) 4.)[ Better questions get better answers.]

No matter what Pres.-B.H.O.* does, or says, the world WON’T be as HARSH as that of ‘HIS FELLOW “AU-Mur-KINS”‘, (Especially the Indian/ African “politico-mammalia”.) 5.)[Fom America’s first “black” President to its firsth “STEW” President.] ,To those that claim him “out-right”. 6.)[Some like it HOT.] *( “Presiding (as) Big House Organizer/ Overseer. )

All in all, so far President Barack H. Obama HAS had the “audacity” TO “hope”with his ‘PINPOINT LIBERAL’ utilizations of “situation snipers” for some of his ensuing “skirmish”points yet untraveled, BUT scouted/ vacationed. 7.) [Hold up your hand if you did it.], or just want to be a SCAPEGOAT for “THEIR” history.


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