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January 25, 2009 / alghaumon

1/25/09=94 of the ‘HUNDRED’ day…

….quest, 94 left since he “sweared”. Goofs abound, GITMO laws were from clowns. 94 days are what’s left from the weirds.

Some of the things that the Alberto Gonzales run “JUST-US” depart-Mint has bequeathed the world and how it looked to the U.S. for legal guidances. 1.) [What has Alberto washed out ?] With how well conservatives swallowed close to all the testosterone shot their super submissive way, by the dynamic duo of Dick ‘n George, is there any one who doesn’t see how that the Bush doctrine against “Terrorism” was just a way to store some “bad guys” to turn loose when he needed to “prove” his point at this later date ? 2.)[Thanks Gee-dub.]

As a small side note to a few of the blatantly “miniscule” additions, the “universal church of Christianity” have placed mid path. As Rome has left the former Hitler “YOUTH” to flick a small object at the, now “reticent” nation of Israel. 3.)[A feint within a feint within a feint.]

Now for a man who has told us that transparency is to RULE throughout his term the naming of 4.)[William J. Lynn= First RE-neg.] is a tad like something “AKIN” to what Richard Cheney would smile at. 5.)[And the GOSSAMER GUILE Award goes to…]

With ALL the duties that the President must deal with the folks that are to assist him “get-er-done”seem to have taken a page from their opponents for this point of history… New York Governor Paterson IS Blind, NOT stupid, and with the help of a new faction of the party called “NEO-CRATS”. They seem to favor the same age group of woman: gun-totin’, 1960’s “ISH”, “Corning” worn child of “rule”as a Caroline Kennedy/ Sarah Palin compromise. 6.)[ And the wraith told Paterson TAP HER, SON.]

Yes, it’s another Sunday, the day between volleys.



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