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January 26, 2009 / alghaumon

So Much for THAT Idea

Yes, this IS day 93 left of the ‘HUNDRED’, but it IS too much.

So I thought that a small, but, BRIGHTER terse might be better to bring to MIND. The title might have drawn readership with… “NICE R.A.K. !”… “r.a.k. equaling Random Acts of Kindness, something that is almost an empty energy in this world as we see how people treat each other, at least what we notice.

But wouldn’t it be refreshing to see us put together things like “May/ December” knit-a- sweater “BEES” ? “Young” learning, or teaching, with “older” “citizens”. People gathering from all over, (city-“urban” and the “subs” sitting together and teaching each other the skills and arts of CLOTHING one’s self and family/ Loved ones.) Cooking “BEES” that return “WORTH” to our aging, but in turn teach the “worth” of work’s blessings. And since the education departments in the cities “don’t” have the money for the arts of maintaining a home’s many needs Men could hold “BOY” raisings teaching them how to mend the roofs over their heads.

If you’ve seen the movie “GRAND TORINO” starring Clint Eastwood, I hope that the crux that you saw was of a MAN giving a MAN-TO-BE as many tools as he had time to supply, for the world that he’d known, for a world that needed re-pairing.

The thing that we are losing/ destroying is our ability to be a GROUP “of”, instead a MASS,( as in CANCEROUS-LIKE.), of separate things with no relevance to the other.

Let’s R.A.K. ’em UP !:[Help] [Sheldon Club ] [It wouldn\’t be KIND to leave anyone out.]

Its a Fabled notion.

It's a Fabled notion.



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