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February 4, 2009 / alghaumon

And On the Eighty-fifth (?) Day…

…We are all becoming more confused by THEIR actions.

Simply said, the Bush, now Obama, STIMULUS packages now total a whopping 303390380 (DOLLARS, US !). Placing the commas has been difficult for our ‘legislators’, [\”Tax cheat\” chosen to \’LEAD\’ treasury department !?!], and even more so for those of us who are attempting to count the pixels, of both paddles, in this game of “PONG”. Mr. Bush, in all of his prominent misguidances ,did provide the citizenry with an initial boost of fiscal confidence through the tax “rebate”, [ONE good deed for US.], but scuttled that with the $1.3 Trillion “Pirate’s PAY-OFF” to the “FINANCIAL S(p)ECTOR” of the nation. Couple that to “TAX Cheat” Timothy Franz Geithner, [Keeping an intentional, tossing an \’OOPS\’.], [WOW, man.], who is now given the task of “DIS-tributing” the “left-over” $350 BILLION of the last administrations national “SCHTUPPING”, then adding another $850 BILLION on TOP of the, (around), $95 BILLION the financial industry has already begun to “PARTY” away, [Ponying up YOUR money to PARTY.], for their “associates”. All the while business has chosen to leave ANOTHER 522000 American citizens without the MEANS to fulfill the written promise of a Life, ( food, SHELTER, warmth, DIGNITY !), Liberty, ( FISA was bolstered BY President Obama. [KGB, American STYLE.]), and the Pursuit, [Make \’em so that more sold equals more SOLD.], of HAPPINESS.

The whoosh of STIMULUS.

The whoosh of "STIMULUS".

It’s tough trying to count down these days of world turmoil, they just seem to flow like unchecked dysentery, [The Father\’s LAND is calling.]. But, as I, and so many others who try to keep abreast, then cry out through our fingers, tell of these events I find it difficult to continue… Just because it seems that #1.) NO one cares anymore, or # 2.) WE don’t have the strength anymore.

Under siege.

Under siege.


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  1. Dixie Copeland / Mar 14 2009 6:52 pm

    I so empathize with your conclusion, not having the strength left, however I do still care. “Under seige” again… ain’t that the truth.
    Kind regards, Dixie


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