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February 6, 2009 / alghaumon


We suffer tax lien upon tax lien. BUT… IF you happen to be one of the FEW who are OF the ‘UPPAH TEUW PAHSENT’ you just have to run for an office, or have any one of your POLITICALLY CONNCTED cronies suggest you be CONSIDERED for a nice GUBMINT POSITION. [And AGAIN.] That makes THREE and counting. To vet is being con-fused with driving a General Motors ICONOCLASTIC mirage by our “learned” leaders, ( at best.).

As I jot this the “BROOWN BAHMAH”, ( Sorry Mr. Lewis.), is taking his first jaunt in AIR FORCE ONE, (His name is delicately embroidered across his left pectoral region !), to stand before the “SINATE” or CONGRESS to provide the needed JURISTIC ENEMA for this PORCINE PLATED PACKAGING PLAY called the “stimulus bill”. The only thing that this tripe is stimulating is the red, white and blew pill to get most of this group of, (RHIPICEPHALUS,(PRONOUNCED: “RIP-æ-SY-FALLIS”.), SANGUINEUS, (Of the hue range of BROWN, like an eye., LATREILLE= THE “Brown- DOG Tick.),is their own Ron Jeremy, SELF “SOLO-SHOT”. Thus POLI-TIC(K)IANS= “blood-suckers”. And don’t get upset with me for equating this observation in these terms… they certainly fit. This group has been quite blatant with how close their actions have been to the last administration… this SHOULD be SCARRING ALL of us.

As I have been extremely “unpatriotic ” with this, but then again the “men” and women who are GIVING AWAY the financial base of this NATION are just as PATRIOTIC as I have presented myself here.

But DO remember that it all begins with having lots of income then not producing needed tax revenues to supply this bailout with its necessary weight.



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