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February 11, 2009 / alghaumon

V-NEWS Flash !!!

Welcome to W-AHIA, Capitol’s V-NEWS. This is Anita Storrey reporting from on ANOTHER DAY of which YOUR legislative “leaders”, ( the “NEW PURPLE” Party.), have just made an ASTOUNDING turnaround of their intended unraveling of the CORPONOMIC CONnudrum created during the INFAMOUS “TRICKLE DOWN” era of the 80’s. On an upsetting RE-VISION of what the AMERICAN TAX-PAYER NEEDS at THIS MOMENT in TIME, BOTH, the the HOUSE and SENATE have come to the ultimate BI-Partisan MOMENT in Removing the Nation’s monetary Poltergeists that have been holding its purse strings.

President Obama and his cabinet were clearly taken by surprise by both legislative arms as they took a solid grasp of the situation and set the STIMULUS PACKAGE’S parameters FOR the CITIZENRY, instead of LOBBYING’S WISH LISTS. Some of those new rules include HOME OWNERSHIP without the Banking industry’s usurious rules of engagement. Added to the basis of rewrite was the politicians leveraging a citizen protective LAW stating that makes the production of ANY type of transportation, ( private or commercial.), Land,Sea or Air that doesn’t achieve MAXIMUM fuel efficiency a FEDERAL OFFENCE. Wedded to this clause is the strict clamping down on the corporate PIRACIES practiced by American based OIL COMPANIES. The ways of the PAST are appearing to be rolling into the summit of the MARIANAS it has brought the world to.

Along with this startling reversal is the unique installment of a “CITIZEN’S CABINET” where ANYONE may serve and make standing decisions to “offset” the many “EAR-MARK” renderings of the “elected”. The newly designated offices for this important inclusion is located on L’Enfant Promenade.

As this story broke, most of the office holders on CAPITAL HILL were calling ,EN-MASS, to “outside destinations” that , so far, have NOT been IDENTIFIED to this reporter. As the information becomes available W-AHIA will continue to bring you the updates. I’m Anita Storrey bringing you the news for W-AHIA, from our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.In sight of citizens rights.

In sight of citizen’s rights.


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