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February 12, 2009 / alghaumon


… LEAD the PIG PARADE… [After all this time they still won\’t help the home \”owner\”.]… Three-hundred, (plus), BILLION MORE for OUR children.

The age of smoke and mirrors has gone digital, and snake oil is believed to “give you wings”. As much as my pride in America coming to a social maturation, in electing Barack Obama, I truly must give a sincere”view” of how quick the guild is FLAKING OFF “our hero’s” mighty shield.

Number ONE is that there are so many incoming cabinet members that have so ‘great’ a “YEN” to out-source the very jobs that they claim that are necessary to bolster the very same economy that the President is “chop-blocking”* the citizenry’s understandings about. (* An American football term meaning: to attempt the impedance of one by forcibly attacking their knees, thereby rendering a, “possible”, injury so that if there is none that a fear is created to impede the honest attempt to accomplish a task.) IF they are to DETACH THEMSELVES from the CORPORATE mantra of “MORE for LESS”, since their mores often leave NOTHING, instead of less is more.[The Outsourcer\’s Posts].

Number TWO, which is appropriately a correct placement choice, is how fast our elected have helped the homeowner.[Less get MORE, more receive LESS.],[So WHY are PEOPLE still LOSING their HOMES !?!], these folks are still in the proverbial ‘CRAPPER’ with no life line being tossed into their vicinity. My question is this, just how many Acronyms will the government’s “ACRONOLEXIMAGI” spin out before the act of mortgage RESCUE actually take place ? [From the ACRONOLEXIMAGI\’S list.]

Yes, there is more than what I’ve said here… but then, if there wasn’t more life would have ended. To cover us “they” created a T.A.R.P. to cover…



… a MONSTER that banks are finding tough to hide, [And yet they WON\’T make the LOANS.], all the while banking executives are, still, trying to spend TAXPAYER MONIES for these LOANS to go PARTY in “LOST WAGES”,* NEVADA, [Bugsy WOULD be PROUD.]* ( From a FLINTSTONES episode.) [You GET what THEY pay for.]

The WELLS FARGO home mortgage team.

"The WELLS FARGO 'home' mortgage team".

And as this post touts the passing of President Obama’s 22nd day of 100 it is, now, the 23rd day. And he is praising the BIRTH of of , former, President Abraham Lincoln, [SO Y= toban-lix=16= Lincoln\’s place in KENYAN].



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