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February 28, 2009 / alghaumon

What “Price” Motherhood ?

VIVID “Entetainment” has made an offer to Nadya Suleman,

Quite fetching.

Quite "fetching".

Mother of FOURTEEN CHILDREN. The interesting feature of the proposed event is that Vivid wants eight separate men to “perform” in their tragedy on “film”. [A \”WOMB with a view\”.] As you see the thirty-three year old has had an enormous amount of practice in handling extensions, but what 99% of the world doesn’t know is that there has been NO PERSONAL DELIVERY of the Male “catalyst” for those siblings to gain this life. [INNOCULATE CONCEPTION.]

The only “thing”that Ms. Suleman has in common with other women, that have considered entering the ooze pool called pornography, is that she HAS the correct parts. But for anyone to desire viewing a JABA-like mass undulation with eight separate “parts”, add the disjointed greed in creativity of the corporation’s owner, and you may have one of the HIGHEST GROSSING exploitations of Human “shamed” in “HERSTORY”.

No matter what this woman has done, (or WHY !?!), the “ACT”requested of her would, obviously, stretch the institution of celebrity motherhood to some very unpalletable areas.

The only comment that gave me pause is that Ms. Suleman told reporters that “if she did wish to act upon Vivid’s offer that it would take a lot of time to remove the ‘baby fat’ before doing the video”.


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