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March 30, 2009 / alghaumon

60 Days of Purgatory…

… And counting !

The new U.S. President MAY have a chance of being noted as this nation’s greatest ever… but only if he STOPS dancing by the strings attached to him through his fore runners, (and family ties.), Bush(es) and Cheney. The membership DUES to David Rockefeller’s Council of Foreign Relations, and the Rothschild’s, (combined.), “Federal” Reserve/ Bilderberg organizations may be turning a Paul Robeson into a greater ‘Stepin Fetchit’, (with a possible “GOLEM”.), of the “National ‘Porch’ Review” in the future.

The above “see” is but an excuse for any and all who have forgotten their basic science. “WE” ARE, first and foremost (!), ANIMALS. We are entities made “up” from other smaller beings, no matter what name we give them, “WE” are what came before us as it “improved”.

Halved, they gain twice their intelligence.

Halved, they retain all their intelligence.

The “WORLD” is nothing more than a “creche” of Flatworms and Amoebas that have cross-bred and become enamored with the their strangely self important results. But Humans , and the “world” they’ve been “re-creating”, is no different than “good cells”, (of a body’s tissues.), “suddenly” turning CANCEROUS… we,both, just want to be different and DON’T CARE if that/ those who live in the vicinity are alive too. “OUR DESIGN”, even if it KILLS the host.

Another view of just what kind of mess we’re “DRIVING” into is that someone that we “can’t name” is setting up that “good tissue”. ( FEMA has set up a place for “them”, surrounding areas of ATLANTA, GA.. ACRES of “CONTAINMENT” Caskets ready for the “FUSE ALREADY LIT” revolution’s instigations of “9/11” #)

What Fahrenheit sets this off !?!

# What Fahrenheit sets this off !?!

If we could “SEE” the ‘growth’ for what it TRULY is. But, (like the SPRINGSTEEN song.), we’re glued to 157 channels of NOTHING ON… and letting them digitally “ENEMIZE” our thoughts and opinions.

I just HOPE that there will be a MASS AWAKENING before we mistake a rocket payload’s RE-ENTRY screams for TRUMPETS.

If we’d just LOOK BEHIND those CURTAINS we might help the World’s ‘human’ population regain the NERVE, to restart its “BRAIN”. To have the HEART, to make this Earth a nice HOME for all to live in… There’s just thirty some odd days of a Mayfly’s lifetimes left.



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