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April 26, 2009 / alghaumon

When the “Mentally ILL”…

…Make more sense than a cable t.v. reporter gone to print.

The television station News 8, of Austin, Texas gave an opinion, ( which is exactly what I’ll do here.), about the purchasing of entertainment time for the movie ‘THE SOLOIST’. Victor Diaz’s lead, (read like a toxic metal’s name.), story is titled “‘The Soloist’ misses a note or 2.”, [But, he can TWO- step.], giving me a directional vision of a storyline that is representative of a “Hip-Hop”style of music instead of a LIFE. Told of a classically, (Julliard, NYC), trained prodigy from Cleveland, Ohio, who was one of the harbingers of Black/ Negro elite musicians of his time. The story of [Nathaniel Anthony Ayers] was to have been released during the Christ’s Mass season, (the great sales season of HOLLYWOOD.), good cheer to all. Not the vision of young David as Legion described through LA Times’ [Steve Lopez].

If the process of true THOUGHT being offered to the public’s “mind”, instead of the season’s TWO drops filled “sugar cubes”, is too much for the “educated” of today then I believe that the realities that might make the citizenry human again will be as lost as the rest of the freedoms afforded to them for being born in this time and place.

Diaz tells us that “even though the story is meaningful, there’ s nothing all that special about the presentation”. It’s a shame that a person’s life
of extra-ordinary ability coupled to an Alfred Serling, Rod Hitchcock fractal mind weaving would be found as obtuse by such a prolific student of Gene Siskal.

Last, but definitely not the least,is the question of has Victor Diaz EVER seen anything BRITISH besides youtubed early versions of BENNY HILL ? Or Rowan Atkinson impersonating [Gene Krupa].?

[A \”Jack\”Of, (One F),all trades.], Victor Diaz. This is why the NEWSPAPER is going bankrupt.



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