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April 29, 2009 / alghaumon

WHICH “Side” of the COIN

Things are happening all too quickly for US, and the rest of the world. As we read or view the “mini-gunned”, “disinformed” “blatherings” of today’s ANTI-Murrows, [Egbert Roscoe Murrow], on ‘any’ of the nation’s digitally mandated ‘BAIT-N-SWITCH’ machines. And those of US that place our hand on “the BUNDLE”to reach for that steamin’ cup of international “news”, ( for a “more trusted” report of the “truth”.), MUST be diligent to make sure of WHO… is ACTUALLY providing US our “BRAIN FOOD”.

For the past few weeks the H1N1 strain of Influenza has been revving up “death” on several fronts:

1.) The U.S./ Mexican relations after the two country’s Presidents met to change the morass of the past eight years, and more.

2.) The World’s financial “recovery” due to a “GUESSTIMATING” spree by the same ‘flock’ that gave away public monies for Corporate “GLASS BLOWING”.

3.) A ‘possible’ planned event already instigated. [It gives PAUSE for the question…]

Now CNN and company have been “slopping” the U.S. viewer with as much “ensuing” mayhem as they can muster. And, with all of the expertise available to them, it’s “no wonder” that we have such good information about what’s happening. [Saturday… April, 25 is MOST TELLING !]

Just where IS this irrefutable KNOWLEDGE coming from about a strain of [INFLUENZA] that contains, at least four dangerous subtypes mixed together, one of which devastated the early 20th century, [Was this A first in BIOLOGICAL \”WARFARE\” ?] When I looked to my search engine for information about what H1N1 did to cause the global concern it is I chose the query of where Spanish Flu first reappeared… 1977- RUSSIA, with the article that “LOOKED” to lead to a “Russian” arena. [As Arty Johnson would say:\” VEERRY INN TEAR-ES TINK\”.], this article led me to question who “UNIPROT” is. Leading me to a [Mr./ Herr SANGER], UBER experts in PROTEINS, (the study AND :CONSTRUCTION”.). And the gatherers of the clinical studies in the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT.

The internet has so many avenues of knowledge, and as most users eventually find out, A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y CAN BE AN “EXPERT”. But if you want to research something than you MUST find the “Man BEHIND the CURTAIN” and just what the “buttons, levers and switches do when “he” is making the community “DANCE”.

Whenever one hears,or sees these things do they ASK [WHOIS the information \”giver\”.] ? Who IS behind that curtain… and when they flip a coin THEY include that continuace edge that “LIES” between the proffered faces.



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