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May 13, 2009 / alghaumon

The “FRUIT” Falls Closely To Its Proginator…

.. As is the case of one young Ms. Cheney giving an interview to Feaux/ Fox News accusing President Obama of [siding \”with the \’TERRORISTS\’ \”. ] This is another example of how well trained the “HAVE’S” children continue the ruse, even when they actually “KNOW” better. But, as the rules have changed for “most” in the world, Liz doesn’t want the world as she’s been “TOLD” to CHANGE, as it seems for so many others…

... collect it for its "true" value.

"Valuable fruits" of the Pachyderm.

If working to make life SAFER for citizen AND [SOLDIER] alike has no merit, then the term diplomacy has no base.

Are the Bush twins next ? Or, maybe Jeb’s kids have some “clarity” on the subject.



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