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June 6, 2009 / alghaumon


…”SORT’A” ‘Major’. / ?

THE questions of the “final” rulings of this nation’s LAWS have entered their proverbial gates with [Justice David H. Souter] removing his presence this month. And with the way that the country’s ‘highest’ court has allowed the past eight year’s erosive marks on the [RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS] of the American citizenry this appointment will have as profound weight as the guy that stole fire from the “gods”. Close, one gets singed at the least. But with “big brother” “loosing” the childrens’ FEAR, that accelerant may burn it ALL down. As we’ve seen [ 100 days] come and go the tonnages of “Duh’UB-yuh’s”, (Read Richard Cheney !), denuding the REPUBLIC have YET to “BE SET TO RIGHT” FROM THIS ADMINISTRATION.

So, with our taxes going to every major business sector that has, essentially, CHEATED the MIDDLE, and “lower”, classes out of our pensions, social securities, retirements and health benefits WHAT has this “dark prince” (…of a guy.) mustered for the NEXT 100? Are we in the physical midst of a ” Tom Clancy/ John Grisham thrill ride, where a Gray Grantham and Jack Ryan seek a Darby Shaw to rescue this country from the “behind the scenes MANIPULATORS” ? IS THIS the role to be assumed by a Latin [Deborah], by the name of [Sonia Maria Sotomayor] ?

The tree,first bloom unfruited as yet.

"The tree",first bloom unfruited as yet.

This is the growth that proceeded:

1.)[ Sandra Day O\’Connor]

2.)[Ruth Bader Ginsburg]

And, the “sacred grove” that these three give us is what this nation has been “in need of” for some time.

If everyone is so afraid, ( or “convinced”.), of what this Qualified CHOICE of a person WILL bring to the loftiest bench in the nation, we should all remember the “champion” for his race: [The \”HONORABLE\” Clarence Thomas].

And:[Just for \”gits and shiggles\”.]

Will Judge Sotomayor’s vetting and, possible, appointment echo the race track announcer’s opening of the gates statement… ” And, their OFF” !?!



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