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June 17, 2009 / alghaumon

A STEELE-Y Situation

Under the file of… JUST HOW STUPID ARE THESE FOLKS !?!

First, the article of NOTE…

Insert "boo" in bottom right corner.

Insert "boo" in bottom right corner.

This “DARLING” little item was the “HUMOR” sent via Federal,(?), email from the offices of TENNESSEE REPUBLICAN Senator Diane BLACK by aide [Sally Goforth], who multiplied her ‘brown shirted’ mass-take by stating that “she felt badly about sending it to the “WRONG LIST”…

…Just HOW MANY lists were supposed to receive this blatant SHI(f)T of Public “stance” from the new G.O.P. ?

The interesting thought of this piece of “NEWS”(?) is that ‘Lady’ Goforth could have inserted its OWN party leader Michael Steele. AND SHE HASN’T LOST HER JOB OVER THIS !!! Needless to say Senator Spade’s, I DO mean BLACK’S, CENTS/sense of “right”, (this IS all about the [antagonym] !), appears to have need for staffers like this.

The question is this: What LAW has been broken by this action ?

This is a wrap, I cannot give any more space for “the potty of Lincoln”.



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