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August 10, 2009 / alghaumon

Change IS Change

The word change has been etched into the world’s varied tomes of explanation. BUT, just because the feelings elicited by the timbre of sound waves of the deliverer make one yearn for the economical, fiscal, or neighborhood securities’ HUG of … SIGH of… DELIVERY FROM (!) a past OF “continual” fret. Warranted or not. A ‘CHANGE’ IS upon us. We have stepped away from what we’ve known since Thomas Edison gave us the movie projector in 1894. And since Fred and Ginger danced our lives to a rich and glamorous nation.

Change is how long it took for Woodrow Wilson’s approval of the fear of male “negroid” citizens in [The \”Birth\” of a Nation] to [Douglass Dillman]. Many things have transpired since [Joque Graves] died with a light in his hand, still showing George Washington the way back from Trenton.

Change is the “All-American” view of the pretty zoftig woman on our Pancake box, ( giving every American that HEALTHY breakfast.), to the complaint that the new [U.S. Surgeon General] should look more like “Anna Rexia” for her many photo-ops. It WASN’T a change that a hospital wouldn’t give blood to a non- European blooded car crash victim, even though he WAS the [inventor] of the process Hippocrates was vowed they’d use.

Change is finally seeing that poor choices by the President is NOT exclusive to a “GOOD OL’ ‘BOY'” from Texas, via by Maine, via by Ohio, via by Pennsylvania. It CAN be accomplished by a Half-Haole from the mainland. Change is here, and IF WE are that tired refuge yearning to be FREE… then I think that WE should STOP working apart, get the proper things done AS-SOON-AS-POSSIBLE so that WE can get ourselves ready for the NEXT SET OF CHANGES!!!

Oh, by the way, if you went to bed early Thursday, there’s a wonderful new ingredient that’s just been added to the recipe in the nation’s [JUDICIAL] melting pot.

The family of man needs the subtle strengths of balance in a change.

The family of 'man' needs the subtle strengths of balance in a change.



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