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August 19, 2009 / alghaumon

The Empress’ “New” Clothes


The [nation\’s \”NEWS\”] agencies have caught the Presidential family looking like COMMON CITIZENS (!!!) on their vacation to the GRAND CANYON.

Isn’t it “just awful that the ‘SOVEREIGN’S’ Spouse would have the [audacity] to try to be like any other person “at VACATION” !?! To look like someone who actually COULD RUN after, or WITH, two young NON-OBESE pre-adolescents WITHOUT a secret service agent packing a defibrillator.

It’s absolutely shameful, showing a decent muscle group of quads, that don’t animate themselves after each step taken. Why they don’t even possess the vaunted, obligatory, whey packed epidermis of the mature “American” female. What IS to be of each ensuing MATRIARCH of this nation’s “HIGHEST” office.

And what OF those darling, uber impressionable tykes ? You’d THINK that, almost ,any mother could wear attire that THEIR daughters might find acceptable AND a ,possible, SELF CHOICE .

DID you notice that the President is looking down to see WHERE he’s GOING, instead of looking down IN DISGUST ?

Someday the [children] will tell the truths that their PARENTS showed them, the ‘PROPER’ way to be.. FREE. To be able to make their OWN decisions, unashamed. Because they learned that in order to do WHAT one wants they MUST prepare themselves to be their best. To do a what through knowing what WHAT is.

Come on, America, this IS the ‘First Lady’ ! It’s NOT like [THIS] is being worn by the “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” !!! Or the “VICE-President.

It’s known by Mister O that THE Mrs. has a lot of “WHOA”!!! Be it [ MENTAL], [\’SPIRITUAL\’], [PARENTAL], reread this article, ( AND others’ !), for [PHYSICAL].



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