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September 6, 2009 / alghaumon

A Nation of GRIM Peepers

The ‘Fourth Estate’ needs a new “[Grounds crew]”. The sprawling vistas of observing what is happening in this world, then relating those actions to those of us who weren’t there has become an exercise in the pride of prejudice…


Yes folks this article IS DEFINITELY MATURE CONTENT, but is it mature content that should play across that wonderfully vivid HD, soon to be enhanced with “smell-o-the- scene”, television by SONITACHI ?

Won’t it be just so VERY “educational” when we can ALL “find” out just how our next door neighbor’s son, or DAUGHTER, has departed ? Brought to us by those ultra- concern-atives at Faux/Fox, CNN, or any one of those “MENSCHES” of MORALITY. The best part is that they’ve made the timing of this daily lesson of the world to be that of Mom serving adolescent “Johnnie” or “Martha” a “super-sized” double Vegemite and Spam Combination “Dagwood” pocket for dinner !!!

Now “turning” away from the insensitivity, I wonder what WE are ALLOWING to be created of the citizenry that is to be the ‘MELTING POT’ that so many are seeking to see succeed in its experiment of a “beautiful waking dream” called FREEDOM ? DO we HAVE to “witness” the atrocities of “HUMANITY” in order to appreciate the deeply breathed lulls called PEACE?

I wonder how those that have been living the uglinesses of war, for these many years, are going to be ABLE to smile… without effort, laugh… without restraint. Embrace their/ OUR children without (the) FEAR of BEING WATCHED.

To those that think that this is the way of life I remind you that the Bible even tells of having the need to REMOVE the grimes of WAR and DEATH from those that have it ON and IN their “SYSTEMS”. I ‘believe’ that each is to be allowed at least a week for each month of service/ participation. Isn’t it time for the WORLD to have this time !?!

Lastly, WOULD those in front of the camera offer up their family for international visual perusal upon their DEATH… “just to show” the world how it’s done ?



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