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September 22, 2009 / alghaumon

Never Forgive, Never Forget…

… the harshest lessons are taught with the shame of past PAINS.

I came across one of the best teaching tools of this “ON- TIME” reporting era, its name is [the REAL JEW NEWS]. Now, before any “reader” accuses me of prejudice… LET IT REST (!!!)… I’m only giving my infinitesimal view point of something that I have a microbial understanding of, but DO have that ‘understanding’.

My rant/ “TWOCENTSANSUM” is that the people that we’ve read about, in the ‘Bible’, on “Sundays or Wednesdays”, especially for the past 70 some odd years, are STILL “AT IT”. Yashaq (Itzik or Yitzchak) and Yishmael have lost their sense of family and Yashaq seems to have taken the lessons of their worst modern oppressor…

.. and used their techniques in the surrounding neighborhoods. But that may not be the case as I see it, unless the real events taking place in [Gaza/ Palestine] are just a [DREAM, Wish, fantasy] of unlikely occurrence.

As to whether the “new neighbors” will stop being “GOOD” with their ‘fencings’, or to find out if Egyptian and Hebrew blooded siblings can actually sit at the same table without going for the steak knives is a question that I cannot answer.

And to NEVER forgive makes one truly “the human animal” because it makes the spirit wholly bound to the EARTH. And to never FORGET must provide some trepidation for those who were only told of “WHY” as they create a new reason … FOR SOMEONE ELSE.



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