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December 1, 2009 / alghaumon


That’s right, you read the headline correct, HIV/AIDS IS NOT KILLING THE WORLD. Just the parts of it that SHOULD BE IMPORTANT TO any ONE OF US.

December First, Two-Thousand and Nine years since doctor Aloysius Lilius asked the Pope to adopt a new way to account for our time on this orb. Today is a day that many have placed an emphasis on a natural viral adaptation placed within a host that CANNOT deal with its presence/ presents. Even though we’ve “known” about the [H.I.V./][A.I.D.S.] catastrophe for OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, most “CIVILIZED”, industrial nations didn’t/ wouldn’t/ HAVEN’T put as much coinage into the research, OR educations to make their citizenry [AWARE] of impending [DEVASTATIONS] for, and TO, their neighbor’s children.

I woke this morning and witnessed CNN give its “due” to the reason why so many are, or have, sat in front of their cyber-portal and, (like here ?), attempted to toss a stone at the windows of everyone’s mind that we have aim and range to reach. Their focus was on [Kenneth Cole] and his unique way of opening the public eye via his designs to cover the epidermis. It’s funny that ‘NEW’s remains just that, a focus on the recent, the kitchy of their time slot… BUT, it’s the past that is the foundation of ANY journalistic [\”TRY\”]… do/ can you remember [RYAN WHITE ?] Or [WilliWear ?] These two YOUNG MEN represent cornerstones of the FIGHT that is this WORLD WIDE effort to see that we DON’T CARE-LESSLY allow anyone else to be driven from LIFE because of SHAME, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE, PRIDE OR GREEDS from this moment forward.

H.I.V./A.I.D.S. IS(N’T) killing “ANYONE”… but at its past rates H.I.V./ A.I.D.S. CAN, AND MAY, KILL EVERYONE.

In the world of theatre, from every aspect, I have witness of this curse’s ability. Of the, approximately, 143 people that were the initial cast and crew of the MGM /Grand-Reno,NV I’m told that about 100 have been victims of what we’re writing about today.

My CONDOLENCES TO EVERY SUFFERER of this disease’s family of victims… and a BLESSING to ALL that “put on their GLOVES, and do the road work knowing that there is a VERY long way to go before H.I.V./A.I.D.S. STEALS another … ( Mentally put a name TO each designation.)












The SADDEST part of writing this is that one of the BEST PEOPLE I know is leaving us as I write.

I close this terse with my “2012” script…

It’s 2010, South Africa, (PAY ATTENTION KENNETH COLE !!!), the WORLD has traveled, by a [GOOGL] of “C130’s”, to witness the crowning of THEIR nation’s football team as the BEST. Between each series of qualifying matches the “TASTE”, desire, urge, ‘temporary convexity of their spine’ has lured the inebrio-lusted “FAN’S” needs that just need “slaking” . But as we here have felt the GNAW of an empty pocket on the “glutes” the elected in [PRETORIA] HAVE SEEN FIT to supply their European guests with the tantilizational provision of urgent, umbered “professionally” tepid “sheathing”, for the ensuing celebratory/consolational festivity. Not too many “[wrap-the-rascal]” in that SEX-SHUN” of the “cradle”, and the HADRON will NEVER provide as much insight to “the big bang” as what this moment could provide without some planning and care. (Kenneth Cole I hope that you read this post because YOU SHOULD CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS !!!) No matter how well the studio and technology, the HUMAN MIND will always be MORE VIVID than a seat in a dark room. (My thank yous to Hitchcock,Poe and Serling for ALL their assistance here.



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