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January 18, 2010 / alghaumon

Ticklings: The “STIMULUS”As a Chinese Finger Puzzle

…The user’s choice of “finger” determined is, still, caught in a trap.

For all the gentle secretivenesses that ‘our’ elected are whispering to us, (Like Foghorn Leghorn!), the “American” corporations are using the Mid-(‘ling)-dle “[class]”/ [CLASS] as Mr. Leghorn did HIS neighbor…

But using staves made in OTHER COUNTRIES! And just LISTEN to the spoken sentiment about his NEIGHBOR. HAVE YOU listened to YOUR Elected’s views of their CONNED- stituancy when behind the doors betwixt their offices.

So without much more ado it’s time for me to place another gem from ‘TREEHUGGER’.com before you, so that the taste of “freedom” can give you that old, again familiar, s’more, PLEASE…

[Texas wind farm \”equals\” American JOB.]…



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