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January 28, 2010 / alghaumon

Nig: grah, gah,ger… Negro

It’s been a number of years since we saw…

… and LAUGHED, guffawed, sniggered/ snickered, or just said “hell yeah”.

Just like [C. Jake Little], those arriving “into town” across the American landscape are in for [a VERY ugly surprise] when they knock on an unfamiliar door to help the Government “see” who resides within.

This post came about due to my standing behind a Frodo-esque “farmer” at my local Post office. He looked more like Hank Hill’s dad than any living person should… Walked like him too! The conversation, that was genuinely Rockwellian, was just the general “Hi, Neighbor, how’s life treating you ?.. UNTIL it touched the subject of “the CENSUS”. Senior ‘Hill’ quipped, “Ya think they’re gonna’ send out a bunch o’ them ” niggers” agin ?”, the clerk looked over his head, but said that he hadn’t heard the query. ‘Mr. Hill’ repeated the question with a chuckle. I turned away quickly, so that, MAYBE, the older, “worked hard to feed his AND other families from the land”, gentleman wouldn’t notice the TOO TAN, TOO BALD, Too OUT OF PLACE man standing VERY within voice range… He turned and NOTICED. I said an extremely respectful, “You have a great day, young man.”, to which I got the most evening eye-to-eye since I talked back to my father.

Now, I’m going towards SIXTY years old in a hurry now, and with that, and now living in a rural community, I’ve actually heard this word before, sometimes directed to ME. But, history, ( living it in the 1960’s, and having met my 104 year old GREAT-GRAND MOTHER when I was EIGHT years old… in LEESVILLE, SOUTH Carolina.), has told me of most of the colloquiallistic utterances of “THIS VERY MAGIC WORD”.

The PROPER terminology would be [NEGROID], but in the 1960’s got that “all-american’ shortening “of”, to [Negro]. Before that the slave trade brought us the mistranslation of the germanic word [NEGGER], meaning a PLOWMAN… as in SCHWARTZENEGGER= BLACK/ [SCHWARTZA],


This has been so misused by Americans that the confusion, that our constant remaking of the IMPORTS that we ARE, also, make us one of the most uncertain “Identitied” nations of HISTORY.

All the while we’ve BEATEN, yes even KILLED, because of what we say as we DO to each other. The “modern” parent of today has a problem with their offspring’s use of the inner-city greeting used amongst the HIP-HOP culture… borrowed/ handed DOWN from the “Iceburg-SLIM”/ “John Shaft” flow of “BLACKNESS” during the 1960’s “CHANGE-OVER.
No Matter what you may have as a reaction to this thought, the crux of what thought is actually being wrought here is that the current atmosphere of OUR NATION is about to reach a dis-temperate [Farenheit 451] during these ensuing days of the “HALF-NEGROID” President having to produce successes via the help of the Molasses Minded Sycophants that have been so STELLAR so far.
This [CENSUS] is a [decennial], every TEN years, and is going to TRY this government AND its CITIZENRY. The reason I began with a topic that still haunts this nation is that those that “organize these events MAY be ignorant to the racial temperatures of THE MELTING POT’S ingredients… And then there’s the small issue of how some will feel about WHO got EMPLOYED with that “GUBMINT CHEESE”.
There just MIGHT be a LOT of NAME CALLING during the 2010 Decennial CENSUS.


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