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January 30, 2010 / alghaumon


WELL, ‘my little Chickadees’, wasn’t it ol’ [Billie Claude Dunkenfield] that noted about, “Hmm. There’s an Ethiopian in the fuel supply.”? (Better known as:[“_ _ _ -ger in the woodpile.“].), as most of the age OLD intermingling(s) of this nation’s ‘supply [\”LINES\”]’ the Two-Hundred, plus, years that we’ve been A “PEOPLE” is now beginning to look like “OLD TIMES”… ( note the first paragraph’s word choices.)

AND. As we’ve put our “faith” in the ‘hope’ of CHANGE, (Thus far.), in just the span of ONE YEAR we’ve gone through the CHORDS and RICKS never fearing the many biting Insects, ( POLI= many/ TICKS= blood sucking, infectious…), that reside in the natural fuel supplies. BUT. in this “great wakin’ up mourning”, we come to see that said woodpile was a fueling spot for the [mewling][classes].

As we’ve “grown up” and realized that “G-D blesses those… And teases others” it is getting more apparent that some HOW, SOME where there IS a concerted effort to make the “purity” of the ‘leadership’ that control the “masses” is in the process of being [found] [out]. Let’s hope that the great promise of ALL “MEN”, being created equal, will be able to secure the chance to represent their Neighbors, Friends and FAMILIES without some designer’s genes being “injected”, like some ‘sports’-performance addled… It “works” for horses, but they’ll NEVER see the freedom of the mountains, rivers, or plains of true existence. And they’re TOO fragile for ANYTHING normal. And, with that I’ll end as I started… Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.~ W. C . Fields

As in HISTORY:… as in NOW.


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